Since publication in 1957 the importance of Bohannan's study of judicial institutions and procedures among the Tiv has been widely recognized. It has contributed widely to the continuing discussion concerning the objectives and methods to be followed in the anthropological study of law and the contribution this makes to comparative jurisprudence. the work describes and defines Tiv ideas of 'law' as expressed in the operations of their courts known as Jir. The analysis is based on and illustrated by numerous cases which the author attended and discussed with leaders in the Jir.

chapter I|6 pages

The People and The Problem

chapter II|13 pages

The Grade-D Court

chapter III|8 pages

A Day In Court

chapter IV|42 pages

The Structure Of The Jir

chapter V|32 pages

Tiv Marriage Jir

chapter VI|11 pages

Debt Jir

chapter VIII|8 pages

Market Jir and Age-Set Jir

chapter IX|48 pages

Moots: The Jir At Home

chapter X|7 pages