Originally published in 1966 and translated by Bernard Miall, Gladstone traces William Gladstone’s career from his election to Parliament in 1832, to his funeral in Westminster Abbey. The book portrays Gladstone as a firm adherent of Toryism and it describes his relations with Peel and Palmerston, as well as giving a well-founded account of his growing Liberalism and his rivalry with Disraeli. Eyck has written a generous and perceptive account of Gladstone’s life and career which since its first publication in 1938 has become generally recognized as a valuable contribution to the history of the nineteenth century.

chapter I|24 pages

The Hope of The Tories

chapter II|17 pages

Peel’s Change of Front

chapter III|17 pages

Pacifico and Poerio

chapter IV|16 pages

The First Encounter with Disraeli

chapter V|63 pages

Era, Palmerston

chapter VI|37 pages

The Second Encounter with Disraeli

chapter VII|62 pages

The Great Ministry

chapter VIII|33 pages

The Last Encounter with Disraeli

chapter IX|92 pages

Between the Queen and Parnell

chapter X|50 pages

In Alliance with Parnell