A Working Costume Designer’s Guide to Fit explores the concept of fit in theatrical costumes – what it is, how to assess it, and how to achieve it.

Being able to assess whether a costume fits or not is a learned skill, which takes practice as well as information about what the fit standards are for different types of garments. Filled with detailed step-by-step illustrations, this book provides all the knowledge readers will need in order to achieve the perfect fit for their costumes, including:

  • How costumes can support actors onstage when they fit correctly.
  • How to take measurements and how to assess them.
  • How to conduct a fitting and what materials are needed.
  • How to resolve a number of issues that may arise during a fitting.
  • How to fit a mock-up test garment in preparation for building a costume from scratch.
  • How to adjust a garment or mock-up to fit better.

Chapters 8-14 also explore different categories of garments and discuss how to check them against the wearer’s measurements before trying them on, what the standards of fit are for each category, and how to fit an existing garment.

This is an essential guide for students of Costume Design courses and professional costume designers of any experience level.

1. "Fit" and Why It Matters  2. Measurements  3. Obtaining Garments for Costume Use  4. Preparing to Conduct a Fitting  5. Standards of Good Fit  6. General Method for a Fitting  7. Interpreting What You See  8. Bodices  9. Sleeves  10. Tailored Shirts and Blouses  11. Suit Jackets, Sports Coats, Blazers, and Period Indoor Coats  12. Fitted Garments without a Waistline Seam  13. Skirts  14. Trousers and Jeans