Faculty in higher education are disciplinary experts, but they seldom receive formal training in teaching. Higher Education by Design uses the principles of design thinking to bridge this gap through practical examples and step-by-step instructions based on educational theory and best practices in pedagogical and curricular development. This book offers practical advice for effective teaching and instruction, interdisciplinary curricular collaborations, writing course syllabi, creating course outcomes and objectives, planning assessments, and building curricular content. Whether you are a seasoned professor or new instructor, the strategies in this book can improve your practice as an educator.

chapter 1|14 pages

Beginning With the End in Mind

chapter 2|29 pages

Understanding Educational Theory

chapter 3|19 pages

Creating Course Outcomes and Objectives

chapter 4|27 pages

Assessing Student Learning

chapter 5|22 pages

Planning for Effective Instruction

chapter 6|19 pages

Writing as Instruction and Assessment

chapter 7|25 pages

Incorporating Engaged Learning

chapter 8|51 pages

Teaching Effectively

chapter 10|27 pages

Meeting 21st Century Challenges

Synthesis and Application

chapter 11|8 pages

Becoming the Educator You Want to Be

chapter |1 pages