Understanding the Psychological Soul of Spirituality is a comprehensive exploration of spiritual constructs based on an empirical, evidence-based paradigm for understanding and addressing spirituality.

In a field where there is no current consensus on spirituality, this book provides a much-needed psychologically based definition and ontology that assists helping professionals in formulating their professional identities; developing effective and appropriate training models; furthering their understanding of what spirituality is and is not, from a psychological perspective; and more effectively addressing spiritual issues to support clients.

The authors provide a review of current issues in the area of spirituality, also called the numinous, and provide perspectives that address these concerns in ways that promote a fully scientific understanding of the construct. Ultimately the book provides a concise definition of the numinous that places it squarely in the social sciences. Chapters outline the clear value of the numinous for psychology and detail its relevance for professionals’ training.


chapter 1|23 pages

A Brief Overview of the Current Status of Religiousness and Spirituality in the Social Sciences

Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

chapter 3|25 pages

A Social Science Paradigm for Making Numinous-Based Clinical Interventions

From the Integration to the Collaboration of the Social Sciences and Theology

chapter 5|45 pages

Overview of the Only FFM-Based Measure of the Numinous

The Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments (ASPIRES) Scale

chapter 7|30 pages

Clinical Assessment of Clients that Includes the Numinous

Introduction to and Validation of the Comprehensive Psycho-Spiritual Clinical Interview (CPSCI)

chapter 8|27 pages

Clinical Case Presentation