In this volume, the author draws from more than a decade of editing experience to explain how to craft clear, understandable, and highly readable planning documents. The author suggests ways to overcome planners' most common writing foibles: acronymns, jargon, and overuse of the passive voice. And the author provides handy lists to transform mushy nouns into powerful verbs, pare down bloated sentences, and translate ""bureaucratese"" into everyday language. The author even includes practice exercises designed to help you recognize and overcome bad writing habits. But even the best writing skills won't help if your document is organized poorly and aimed at the wrong audience.The author also explains why it's essential to know who your readers are before you start writing and how to organize your work so that it will be easy to understand and use."

part I|14 pages

Getting Started

chapter 1|5 pages

Knowing Your Readers

chapter 2|6 pages

Organizing Your Document

part II|64 pages

Writing Clearly

chapter 3|17 pages

Writing Simple Sentences

chapter 4|10 pages

Writing Active Sentences

chapter 5|18 pages

Using Simple Words and Avoiding Jargon

chapter 6|7 pages

Explaining Technical Information

chapter 7|8 pages

Using Lists