Pop Music Production delves into academic depths around the culture, the business, the songwriting, and most importantly, the pop music production process. Phil Harding balances autobiographical discussion of events and relationships with academic analysis to offer poignant points on the value of pure popular music, particularly in relation to BoyBands and how creative pop production and songwriting teams function.

Included here are practical resources, such as recording studio equipment lists, producer business deal examples and a 12-step mixing technique, where Harding expands upon previously released material to explain how ‘Stay Another Day’ by East 17 changed his approach to mixing forever. However, it is important to note that Harding almost downplays his involvement in his career. At no point is he center stage; he humbly discusses his position within the greater scheme of events. Pop Music Production offers cutting-edge analysis of a genre rarely afforded academic attention.

This book is aimed at lecturers and students in the subject fields of Music Production, Audio Engineering, Music Technology, Popular Songwriting Studies and Popular Music Culture. It is suitable for all levels of study from FE students through to PhD researchers. Pop Music Production is also designed as a follow-up to Harding’s first book PWL from the Factory Floor (2010, Cherry Red Books), a memoir of his time working with 1980s pop production and songwriting powerhouse, Stock Aitken Waterman, at PWL Studios.

chapter |9 pages


Methodology: Research and Interview Questions

chapter 1|27 pages

BoyBands and Pop Music Culture

chapter 2|21 pages

The Business of Pop Music Production

chapter 3|7 pages

Pop Music Production Creativity

chapter 4|14 pages

Pop Music Songwriting

chapter 5|10 pages

Pop and BoyBand Production

chapter 6|17 pages

Pop Music Mixing

chapter 7|30 pages

Pop Record Examples

chapter 8|20 pages

Conclusions and Theories