Originally published in 1984, Urbanization in Israel describes the urban geography of Israel, and analyses the development of urban settlements from the beginning of the 21st century. The book places special emphasis on the period since Israeli statehood and describes urbanization from a geographic, historic and planning point of view. Using a series of examples to demonstrate the process, the book looks at Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, the old historic towns, the agricultural settlements which became towns, and the new development towns which have been established after 1948. This book will appeal to academics of geography with a focus on the development of the Middle East.



chapter One|11 pages

The Development and Distribution

chapter Four|29 pages

Jerusalem - The Capital of Israel

chapter Five|19 pages

Tel Aviv and the Conurbation

chapter Six|14 pages

Haifa-The Harbour, Town and Suburbs

chapter Seven|19 pages

Old Towns

chapter Eight|20 pages


chapter Nine|11 pages

Beer Sheva: A Town on the Fringe of the Desert

chapter Ten|14 pages

The New Towns

chapter Eleven|9 pages


chapter Twelve|6 pages

Elat - A Gate to the South

chapter Thirteen|10 pages

Arad - A New Town in the Desert

chapter Fourteen|18 pages

Towns in Judea and Samaria

chapter Sixteen|11 pages

Town Planning in the Land of Israel