This book addresses the unresolved question of how urban retailing and consumption changed during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It replaces the usual focus on just one (type of) shopping institution with that of the urban shopping landscape in its entirety. Based on secondary sources for comparable cities and an in-depth empirical analysis of primary sources for Brussels, the author demonstrates that the unbridled commercialisation of cities in the nineteenth century cannot be understood without taking into account the entirety of the shopping landscape. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis, she shows how and why the culture and spaces of shopping evolved.

chapter |19 pages

Setting up shop


chapter 1|28 pages

Bursting blossoms

Brussels shops and shopping, 1830s

chapter 2|53 pages

Shopping in style

The Galeries Saint-Hubert and the Chaussée

chapter 3|59 pages

Cleaning house

Markets and halls

chapter 4|61 pages

Bigger and brighter

Downtown and the department store

chapter 5|29 pages

Shopping galore

Brussels shops and shopping, 1910s

chapter |9 pages

Closing time