This fourth Variorum collection of articles by Peter Linehan comprises items largely from the past decade. The studies represent further investigation of themes broached in earlier works, in particular the latest report on the movements of Cardinal John of Abbeville, and the related subjects of historiography and historians, the interplay of history and government, and aspects of sacral monarchy. Articles on Zamora's frustrated legal history and Zamora's cardinal extend the Castilian theme across the territorial frontier into the kingdom of Portugal, and two other items explore English ramifications and developments in papal procedures.

chapter II|17 pages

Dates and doubts about don Lucas

chapter III|13 pages

Don Rodrigo and the government of the kingdom

chapter IV|17 pages

Don Juan de Soria: Unas Apostillas

chapter VIII|16 pages

La Conquista de Sevilla y Los Historiadores 1

chapter XI|19 pages

The Invention of Toledo

chapter XII|19 pages

El cuatro de mayo de 1282