Smart, funny, and fresh, The Barbaric Heart argues that the present environmental crisis will not be resolved by the same forms of crony capitalism and managerial technocracy that created the crisis in the first place. With his trademark wit, White argues that the solution might very well come from an unexpected quarter: the arts, religion, and the realm of the moral imagination.

part I|36 pages

The Anguish of the Barbaric Heart

chapter One|18 pages

Naked Force Clothed in Beauty

part II|50 pages

The Crisis of Nature

chapter Three|16 pages

The Idols of Environmentalism

chapter Four|17 pages

The Ecology of Work

chapter Five|14 pages

Sustainability: A Good without Light

part III|60 pages

Money, The Visible God

chapter Six|19 pages

The Revenge of the External

chapter Seven|13 pages

On the Uses and Abuses of Adam Smith

chapter Eight|24 pages

"Socrates, Practice Music"

part IV|31 pages

A God "Deep Down Things"

chapter Nine|16 pages

A Tree Hugger's Faith

chapter 10|13 pages

Democratic Vistas