Features Elizabeth Gaskell's work. This work brings together her journalism, her shorter fiction, which was published in various collections during her lifetime, her early personal writing, including a diary written between 1835 and 1838 when she was a young mother, her five full-length novels and "The Life of Charlotte Bronte".

chapter |2 pages

Wives and Daughters

part |565 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. August, 1864

chapter I|562 pages

The Dawn of a Gala Day

chapter II|526 pages

A Novice Amongst The Greath Folk

chapter III|545 pages

Molly Gibson’s Childhood

chapter IV|509 pages

Mr. Gibson’s Neighbours

chapter V|501 pages


chapter VI|520 pages

A Visit to the Hamleys

part |494 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. October, 1864

chapter VII|5 pages

Foreshadows of Love Perils

chapter VIII|503 pages

Drifting Into Danger

chapter IX|464 pages

The Windower and The Window

chapter X|486 pages

A Crisis

chapter XI|13 pages

Making Friendship

chapter XII|460 pages

Preparing for the Wedding

chapter XIII|8 pages

Molly Gibson’s New Friends

chapter XIV|417 pages

Molly Find Herself Patronized

chapter XV|433 pages

The New Mama

chapter XVI|8 pages

The Bride at Home

chapter XVII|10 pages

Trouble at Hamley Hall

chapter XVIII|410 pages

Mr. Osborne’s Secret

chapter XIX|401 pages

Cynthia’s Arrival

chapter XX|7 pages

Mrs. Gibson’s Visitors

chapter XXI|357 pages

The Half-Sisters

chapter XXII|375 pages

The Old Squire’s Troubles

chapter XXIII|339 pages

Osborne Hamley reviews his Position

chapter XXIV|332 pages

Mrs. Gibson’s Little Dinner

chapter XXV|355 pages

Hollingford in a Bustle

chapter XXVI|15 pages

A Charity Ball

chapter XXVII|307 pages

Father and Sons

chapter XXVIII|328 pages


chapter XXIX|292 pages

Bush-Fighting. 222

chapter XXX|308 pages

Old Way and New Ways

chapter XXXI|277 pages

A Passive Coquette

chapter XXXII|271 pages

Coming Events

part |30 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. July, 1865

chapter XXXIII|5 pages

Brightening Prospects

chapter XXXIV|278 pages

A Lover’s Mistake

chapter XXXV|11 pages

The Mother’s Manœuvre

chapter XXXVI|6 pages

Domestic Diplomacy

part |256 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. August, 1865

chapter XXXVII|254 pages

A Fluke, and What Came of It

chapter XXXVIII|8 pages

Mr. Kirkpatrick, Q.C

chapter XXXIX|213 pages

Secret Thoughts Ooze Out

chapter XL|227 pages

Molly Gibson Breathes Freely

part |41 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. September, 1865

chapter XLI|9 pages

Gathering Clouds

chapter XLII|210 pages

The Storm Bursts

chapter XLIII|179 pages

Cynthia’s Confession

chapter XLIV|197 pages

Molly Gibson to the Rescue

chapter XLV|8 pages


part |157 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. October, 1865

chapter XLVI|155 pages

Hollingford Gossips

chapter XLVII|174 pages

Scandal and its Victims

chapter XLIX|8 pages

Molly Gibson Finds a Champion

chapter L|126 pages

Cynthia at Bay

part |34 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. November, 1865

chapter LI|141 pages

‘Troubles Never Come Alone.’

chapter LII|135 pages

Squire Hamley’s Sorrow

chapter LIII|127 pages

Unlooked-for Arrivals

chapter LIV|9 pages

Molly Gibson’s Worth is Discovered

part |39 pages

The Cornhill Magezine. December, 1865

chapter LV|110 pages

An Absent Lover Returns.

chapter LVII|8 pages

Bridal Visits and Adieux

chapter LVIII|90 pages

Reviving Hopes and Brightening Prospects

chapter LIX|8 pages

Molly Gibson at Hamley Hall

part |74 pages

The Cornhill Magazine. January, 1866

chapter LX|73 pages

Roger Hamley’s Confession