A selection of texts by Elizabeth Gaskell, accompanied by annotations. It brings together Gaskell academics to provide readers with scholarship on her work and seeks to bring the crusading spirit and genius of the writer into the 21st century to take her place as a major Victorian writer.

part 1|87 pages

The Moorland Cottage

chapter 1|9 pages

The Moorland Cottage. Chapter I.

chapter 2|7 pages

Chapter II.

chapter 3|7 pages

Chapter III.

chapter 4|7 pages

Chapter IV.

chapter 5|10 pages

Chapter V.

chapter 6|7 pages

Chapter VI.

chapter 7|5 pages

Chapter VII.

chapter 8|8 pages

Chapter VIII.

chapter 9|10 pages

Chapter IX.

chapter 10|5 pages

Chapter X.

chapter 11|8 pages

Chapter XI.

part 2|8 pages

The Last Generation in England

chapter 12|6 pages

The Last Generation In England.

part 3|62 pages

Mr. Harrison’s Confessions

chapter 14|5 pages

Chapter II

chapter 15|2 pages

Chapter III.

chapter 16|2 pages

Chapter IV.

chapter 17|5 pages

Chapter V

chapter 18|4 pages

Chapter VI.

chapter 19|3 pages

Chapter VII.

chapter 20|3 pages

Chapter VIII.

chapter 21|1 pages

Chapter IX.

chapter 22|1 pages

Chapter X.

chapter 23|1 pages

Chapter XI.

chapter 24|1 pages

Chapter XII.

chapter 25|1 pages

Chapter XIII.

chapter 26|8 pages

Chapter XIV.

chapter 27|1 pages

Chapter XV.

chapter 28|1 pages

Chapter XVI.

chapter 29|2 pages

Chapter XVII.

chapter 30|2 pages

Chapter XVIII.

chapter 31|1 pages

Chapter XIX.

chapter 32|1 pages

Chapter XX.

chapter 33|2 pages

Chapter XXI.

chapter 34|1 pages

Chapter XXII.

chapter 35|1 pages

Chapter XXIII.

chapter 36|1 pages

Chapter XXIV.

chapter 37|1 pages

Chapter XXV.

chapter 38|1 pages

Chapter XXVI.

chapter 39|1 pages

Chapter XXVII.

chapter 40|1 pages

Chapter XXVIII.

chapter 41|1 pages

Chapter XXIX.

chapter 42|2 pages

Chapter XXX.

chapter 43|1 pages

Chapter XXXI.

part 4|144 pages


chapter 44|8 pages

Cranford. Chapter I.a Our Society.b

chapter 45|11 pages

Chapter II. The Captain.a

chapter 46|7 pages

Chapter III.a A Love Affair of Long Ago.b

chapter 47|9 pages

Chapter IV. A Visit to an Old Bachelor.a

chapter 48|8 pages

Chapter V.a Old Letters.b

chapter 49|9 pages

Chapter VI. Poor Peter.a

chapter 50|8 pages

Chapter VII.a Visiting.b

chapter 51|10 pages

Chapter VIII. ‘Your Ladyship.’a

chapter 52|7 pages

Chapter IX. Signor Brunoni.a

chapter 53|11 pages

Chapter X. The Panic.a

chapter 54|8 pages

Chapter XI. Samuel Brown.a

chapter 55|6 pages

Chapter XII.a Engaged to be Married!b

chapter 56|8 pages

Chapter XIII. Stopped Payment.a

chapter 57|13 pages

Chapter XIV.a Friends In Need.b

chapter 58|9 pages


chapter 59|6 pages


part 5|11 pages

The Cage At Cranford

chapter 60|9 pages

The Cage At Cranford.