Making movies is no different than any other creative work - don't wait to be told you're good enough, just pick up a camera and start! Use this book to find out the essentials that work for most people, then go ahead and add your own ideas. Stand-Out Shorts is a distillation of the basics you need to know, packed into a small space. Road-tested by emerging filmmakers like you, this book offers real experience, real interviews and tried and tested ideas and techniques to offer the simplest, most direct way to get started making movies. Loaded with check lists, tools, handy reference charts, this book covers just what you need to know to start: nothing more, nothing less.

part One|56 pages


chapter One|4 pages


chapter Two|7 pages

Buying a Camera

chapter Three|8 pages


chapter Four|4 pages


chapter Five|4 pages

Designing Your Movie

chapter Six|7 pages

Cast and Crew Online

chapter Seven|4 pages


chapter Eight|4 pages

Script Breakdown and Shot List

chapter Nine|5 pages

Law and the Movies

chapter Ten|4 pages

Working with Locations

chapter Eleven|4 pages

Brief Directory of All the Paperwork You Need

part |48 pages

Section Two: Shoot

chapter Twelve|5 pages

Using a Camcorder

chapter Thirteen|9 pages


chapter Fourteen|5 pages


chapter Fifteen|6 pages

Manage Your Production: Be a Producer

chapter Sixteen|9 pages


chapter Seventeen|9 pages

Sound Recording

chapter Eighteen|4 pages

Health and Safety

part |31 pages

Section Three: Cut

chapter Nineteen|2 pages

Your Home Editing Studio

chapter Twenty|3 pages

Pre-edit Footage Viewing

chapter Twenty-One|6 pages

Editing Methods: Narrative Continuity

chapter Twenty-Two|8 pages

Editing Methods: Montage

chapter Twenty-Three|5 pages

Audio Editing

chapter Twenty-Four|3 pages


chapter Twenty-Five|3 pages

Screening for Feedback

part |52 pages

Section Four: Share Online

chapter Twenty-Six|11 pages

Create a You Tube Hit

chapter Twenty-Seven|7 pages

Web Your Movie

chapter Twenty-Eight|9 pages

Your Web Plan

chapter Twenty-Nine|6 pages

Social Networking

chapter Thirty|6 pages

Create Your Own Web Series

chapter Thirty-One|4 pages

Your Online Publicity Kit

chapter Thirty-Two|8 pages

Online Screenings and Festivals

part |86 pages

Section Five: Make Any Movie

chapter Thirty-Three|6 pages

Genre: Drama

chapter Thirty-Four|7 pages

Genre: Horror

chapter Thirty-Five|7 pages


chapter Thirty-Six|5 pages


chapter Thirty-Seven|7 pages

Drama: Noir/Thriller

chapter Thirty-Eight|6 pages


chapter Thirty-Nine|6 pages

Music Promo

chapter Forty|6 pages

Citizens News/Video Journalist

chapter Forty-One|9 pages

(Extreme) Sports Movie

chapter Forty-Two|7 pages

Drama: War Film

chapter Forty-Three|4 pages


chapter Forty-Four|6 pages

Road Movie

chapter Forty-Five|5 pages

Drama: Western

chapter Forty-Six|4 pages


part |16 pages

Section Six: Make It Happen: Schedules

chapter Forty-Seven|2 pages

Slacker Schedule

chapter Forty-Eight|5 pages

48-Hour Film Schedule: Make a 5-Minute Film in 48 Hours

chapter Forty-Nine|4 pages

7-Day Schedule

chapter Fifty|4 pages

28-Day Schedule