Human Resource Management in Hospitality Cases adopts a practical case-based approach to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in future hospitality managers. Using tried-and-tested real-life scenarios, this book thoroughly prepares hospitality students for a career in the field.

Chapters are comprised of 75 short vignettes, split into nine sections that reflect and cover the primary challenges facing hospitality managers on a daily basis, including leadership credibility, building and managing employee performance, managing a diverse workforce, dealing with problem behaviors, and many others, all contextualised within the hospitality industry. With a main "think point" and series of questions for each case, the book is a highly insightful and engaging read. Suggested answers and solutions to the questions can be found within the extensive online resources that complement the book. Each section is also contextualized and theorized with an additional reading section, organized by key concept.

This book will be essential for all students of hospitality and an invaluable resource for current practitioners in the field as well.

part 1|32 pages

Meeting human resources requirements

chapter Case 1|2 pages

The organizational chart

chapter Case 2|5 pages

Red flags

chapter Case 3|2 pages

Candidate screening

chapter Case 4|2 pages

Generations in the workplace

chapter Case 5|3 pages

The left-handed server

chapter Case 6|2 pages

The online dirt

chapter Case 7|2 pages

Friendships at work

chapter Case 8|2 pages

The incomplete schedule

chapter Case 9|10 pages

The bartender’s break

part 2|44 pages

Building your leadership credibility

chapter Case 10|2 pages

Kitchen camaraderie

chapter Case 11|2 pages


chapter Case 12|2 pages

Don’t shoot the messenger

chapter Case 13|4 pages

The flashbacks

chapter Case 14|2 pages

The morning fun

chapter Case 15|2 pages

The juice squeezer

chapter Case 16|3 pages

The service elevator

chapter Case 17|10 pages

Claudia’s training assignment

chapter Case 18|15 pages

The six leadership styles

part 3|23 pages

Building and managing performance

chapter Case 19|2 pages

Sorry, I don’t drink!

chapter Case 20|2 pages


chapter Case 21|2 pages

Tyler the overnight houseman

chapter Case 22|2 pages

Gentle hints

chapter Case 23|2 pages

The slacker

chapter Case 24|11 pages

Yasmine’s appraisal

part 4|21 pages

Encouraging others

chapter Case 25|2 pages

I am just a part-timer

chapter Case 26|2 pages

Housekeeping guest satisfaction scores

chapter Case 27|2 pages

The dead-ender

chapter Case 28|2 pages

Tainted occupations

chapter Case 29|4 pages

The GM’s morning round

chapter Case 30|7 pages

The chef’s incentive program

part 5|43 pages

Dealing with problem behaviors

section Section A|11 pages

Behaviors promoted by passive/defensive cultures

chapter Case 31|2 pages

Peter is the nicest manager!

chapter Case 32|2 pages

The “invisible” accounting clerk

chapter Case 33|2 pages

The wishy-washy manager

chapter Case 34|2 pages

I was just kidding!

chapter Case 35|2 pages

Did you hear what Lori did last night?

section Section B|28 pages

Behaviors promoted by aggressive/defensive cultures

chapter Case 36|2 pages

It won’t work!

chapter Case 37|2 pages

That’s just how the chef is!

chapter Case 38|2 pages

The expert

chapter Case 39|2 pages

Jeff, you test my patience!

chapter Case 40|2 pages

The perfect change of light bulbs

chapter Case 41|2 pages

The “bleeding heart” of the hotel

chapter Case 42|15 pages

Breaking down the barriers

part 6|20 pages

Taking corrective actions

chapter Case 43|2 pages

Choosing the right level of discipline

chapter Case 44|6 pages

Emily’s letters

chapter Case 45|2 pages

Toby’s silence

chapter Case 46|2 pages


chapter Case 47|6 pages

Make an exception

part 7|31 pages

When employees are challenging your leadership

chapter Case 48|2 pages

I have plans for tonight

chapter Case 49|2 pages

The tipping issue

chapter Case 50|2 pages

That’s not my job!

chapter Case 51|2 pages

They can wait!

chapter Case 52|2 pages

Barbara is going over my head

chapter Case 53|2 pages

I am just not comfortable talking to you!

chapter Case 54|2 pages

I don’t have time to talk to you

chapter Case 55|2 pages

I know my stuff!

chapter Case 56|13 pages

He couldn’t find his office without a map!

part 8|22 pages

Relationship with your boss

chapter Case 57|2 pages

My way or the highway

chapter Case 58|2 pages

The buffet setup

chapter Case 59|2 pages

Lipstick on the glass

chapter Case 60|3 pages

Alison, the credit manager

chapter Case 61|2 pages

The new table pick-up system

chapter Case 62|9 pages

The missing cancellation clause

part 9|37 pages

Managing a diverse workforce

chapter Case 63|2 pages

Why diversity matters

chapter Case 64|3 pages

The levels of exclusion

chapter Case 65|2 pages

Please hire him; he is like me!

chapter Case 66|2 pages

English only

chapter Case 67|2 pages

Can I have another boss please?

chapter Case 68|2 pages

Can I have another server please?

chapter Case 69|2 pages

The cake order

chapter Case 70|2 pages

I am not your slave!

chapter Case 71|2 pages

Name calling

chapter Case 72|2 pages

A strong accent

chapter Case 73|2 pages

The empty conference room

chapter Case 74|2 pages

Special skills

chapter Case 75|10 pages

People like Yuan