A Guide to Faculty-Led Study Abroad provides practical information on the curricular and administrative considerations necessary to design and implement a course-based study abroad experience of the highest quality. From techniques for funding the trip, to legal considerations, curricular development, and cultural preparation, this book explains how to create a meaningful and valuable international experience in a variety of settings and formats. The study abroad novice and experienced faculty or administrator alike will benefit from this step-by-step guide on how to create a truly transformative, course-based study abroad experience.

chapter Chapter One|12 pages

Teaching Study Abroad

chapter Chapter Two|8 pages

Before You Say Yes

chapter Chapter Three|35 pages

Planning the Trip

chapter Chapter Four|17 pages

What to Teach

chapter Chapter Five|24 pages

The Budget

chapter Chapter Six|17 pages


chapter Chapter Seven|7 pages

So, Are You Ready?

chapter Chapter Eight|25 pages

On Ground

chapter Chapter Nine|11 pages

How Far Is Too Far?

chapter Chapter Ten|4 pages

Is It Worth It?