This book presents the days of live music production in the UK spanning the late '60s to the mid-'80s, when rock music was enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity.

The author, Richard Ames, will take you on a true behind-the-scenes journey of discovery. You’ll learn who the people were, where they came from and how they went on to pioneer the first companies that would become the lifeblood of a unique industry. The interviews contained in this book record and present the raw stories of a few of the original innovators who set the stage for their performers but also for the hundreds of technicians who would tour the world following in their footsteps. The pioneers presented in these interviews share with the reader countless candid anecdotes that convey how their curious enthusiasm, energy, dedication, and general can-do attitude was the driving force behind the creation of the many companies we know of as common place today. The book presents interviews that span varied aspects of live music production including lighting, sound, rigging, staging, trucking, bussing and catering. Live Music Production captures a piece of social history that promises to inform, entertain and delight.

part 1|116 pages

Pioneers of Lighting

chapter 1|29 pages

Brian Croft

chapter 2|19 pages

Jon Cadbury

chapter 3|7 pages

John Morris

chapter 4|22 pages

Richard Hartman

chapter 5|15 pages

Annie Pocock

chapter 6|22 pages

John Coppen

part 2|49 pages

Pioneers of Sound

chapter 7|16 pages

David Hartstone

chapter 8|17 pages

Bryan Grant

chapter 9|14 pages

Tony Andrews

part 3|21 pages

Pioneers of Stage Design

chapter 10|19 pages

Ian Knight

part 4|33 pages

Pioneers of Full Production Services

chapter 11|17 pages

Roger Searle

chapter 12|14 pages

Barbara Pendleton

part 5|20 pages

Pioneers of Rigging

chapter 13|18 pages

Jon Bray

part 6|58 pages

Pioneers of Trucking/ Outdoor Staging

chapter 14|26 pages

Roy Lamb

chapter 15|30 pages

Del Roll and Ollie Kite

part 7|19 pages

Pioneers of Bussing

chapter 16|17 pages

Len Wright

part 8|22 pages

Pioneers of Catering

chapter 17|11 pages

Sandi Grabham

chapter 18|9 pages

Val Bowes

part 9|17 pages

Pioneers of Travel Agency

chapter 19|15 pages

Mike Hawksworth