This book, first published in 1945, is based primarily on some fifty regional reports submitted to the Government between 1941 and 1943. The original reports, condensed and brought together in this volume, were for the most part prepared by members of university departments of economics or geography.



chapter III|44 pages

Wales and Monmouthshire

chapter IV|36 pages

The Industrial Areas of Scotland

chapter V|26 pages

The North-East Coast

chapter VI|9 pages

West Cumberland

chapter VII|39 pages


chapter VIII|25 pages

The West Riding

chapter IX|20 pages

The Humber Ports 1 1

chapter X|38 pages

The East Midlands

chapter XI|9 pages

Stoke-on-Trent and District 1

chapter XII|26 pages

The West Midlands 1

chapter XIII|30 pages

The South-West

chapter XIV|29 pages

The South-Eastern Counties

chapter XV|33 pages

London 1

chapter XVI|23 pages