Organisations today operate in a fascinating world where change is constant, fast and continues to accelerate. It is the combination of evolving developments such as technological advancements, globalisation and new ways of communicating through multimedia technologies that drive us to reorganise how we live, how we work, how we create value, and how we learn. These developments call for a Learning & Development policy and practice that supports professionals to be or become successful in this fascinating changing world. In other words: one of the core goals of Learning & Development is to support sustainable employability.

Creating Impact through Future Learning introduces a model for High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL) that is very much in synch with the demands of an agile organisation. The HILL model is about the learning of young adults, professionals, and experts. It is about the many possibilities to inspire and to support adults in their continuous learning and development process, aiming to create value for today’s and tomorrow’s society. It is about how designers of learning programmes – be it L&D officers or teachers in vocational and higher education preparing adults for professional life – can take a step forward to build the future of learning. A new mindset is needed to create a real impact.

chapter 1|11 pages

The future of learning


chapter 2|7 pages

An executive summary of the HILL model

High Impact Learning that Lasts

chapter 3|58 pages

Scientific background of HILL

chapter 4|19 pages

The HILL model in practice

Tips and guidelines

chapter 5|8 pages

Why can they do what we cannot?

Ten secrets of future learning in top training programmes

chapter 6|30 pages

Applications of HILL

chapter |22 pages

Case 2: How to support lifelong learning that is on-demand and just-in-time?

A case from the technology sector 1