First published in 1974, this book gives a detailed and thoughtful examination on immigration in Britain, specifying the experiences of non-white intellectuals. In the first section – Viewpoint – each contributor, who was born and raised outside Britain, articulates and analyses the tensions generated by the conflict between his own native culture and that dominant in Britain, and the way in which, and the degree to which, he has coped with them. Each contributor observes English culture, elucidating its distinctive characteristics, and analysing the extent to which he feels sympathetic to them. In the second section – Response – distinguished philosophers, sociologists, and students of English character respond to the problems raised by immigrant intellectuals in their essays. This book is indispensable to everyone interested in creating a peaceful and culturally rich society in Britain.


chapter |2 pages


part |2 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Another Kind of Minority

chapter 2|10 pages

Through a Glass Darkly

chapter 3|45 pages

The Spectre of Self-consciousness

chapter 5|15 pages

Alien Gods

chapter 6|8 pages

All are Consumed

chapter 7|15 pages

And One Khaki

chapter 8|12 pages

The Metaphysics of Anglicism

chapter 9|11 pages

Black Intellectuals in Britain

part |2 pages


chapter 10|10 pages

Stranger Upon Earth

chapter 12|6 pages

Guests and Visitors

chapter 13|7 pages

On Preserving the British Way of Life

chapter 14|18 pages

The Immigrant Intellectual

chapter 15|27 pages