This four-volume historical resource provides new opportunities for investigating the relationship between religion, literature and society in Britain and its imperial territories by making accessible a diverse selection of harder-to-find primary sources. These include religious fiction, poetry, essays, memoirs, sermons, travel writing, religious ephemera, unpublished notebooks and pamphlet literature. Spanning the long nineteenth century (c.1789–1914), the resource departs from older models of ‘the Victorian crisis of faith’ in order to open up new ways of conceptualising religion. This first volume looks at ‘Traditions’, offering an overview of the different religious traditions and denominations present in Britain during this period.

chapter |7 pages

General Introduction

Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society

chapter |9 pages

Introduction to Volume I: Traditions

part Part 1|28 pages

Evangelical Religion

section 1.1|13 pages

‘Vital’ Religion

chapter 1|9 pages

Emma Jane Worboise, Married Life, or, The Story of Philip and Edith

(London: Christian World, 1863), pp. 100–107 and pp. 322–224, 324–228

section 1.2|12 pages

The Authority of the Bible

chapter 2|8 pages

C. H. Spurgeon, ‘How to Read the Bible: A Sermon’ [1866]

Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, 58 (1912), pp. 422–430

part Part 2|27 pages

Anglican Developments

section 2.1|11 pages

The High Church Movement

chapter 3|5 pages

Frederick W. Faber, The Church, a Safeguard against Modern Selfishness

(London: [n.p.], 1840), pp. 10–18, 20–21, 23–4, 25–7

chapter 4|2 pages

Frederick W. Faber, ‘Easter Communion’

In Poems (London: Burns and Oates, 1856), pp. 148–149

section 2.2|13 pages

The Broad Church Movement

chapter 5|9 pages

A. I. Fitzroy, Dogma and the Church of England

(Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1891), pp. ix–xviii, 269–271, 272–277

part Part 3|29 pages

Roman Catholicism

section 3.1|14 pages

Roman Catholicism in Britain

chapter 6|6 pages

M. E. Herbert, Anglican Prejudices Against the Catholic Church [1866]

2nd edition (London: Catholic Truth Society, 1899), pp. 8–11, 13–16, 19–21

chapter 7|4 pages

M. E. Herbert, ‘The Charitable Institutions and Convents of Seville’

In Impressions of Spain in 1866 (London: Richard Bentley, 1866), pp. 152–161

section 3.2|13 pages

Roman Catholicism in Ireland

chapter 8|9 pages

[Anon.], Letters of an Irish Catholic Layman; Being an Examination of the Present State of Irish Affairs in Relation to the Irish Church and the Holy see [1883]

(Dublin: Nation Office, 1884), pp. 12–20 (abridged), 97–98, 2–5 (abridged)

part Part 4|26 pages

Scottish Presbyterianism

section 4.1|13 pages

The Church of Scotland

chapter 9|9 pages

Norman Macleod, The Lord’s Day: Substance of a speech delivered at a meeting of the presbytery of Glasgow on Thursday 16th November 1865

(Glasgow: James MacLehose, 1865), pp. 11–16 [abridged] and 29–35 [abridged]

section 4.2|10 pages

The Free Church in Scotland

chapter 10|6 pages

Thomas Guthrie, The Principles of the Free Church of Scotland, and a Plea for the Ante–Disruption Ministers

(Edinburgh: [n.p.], 1859), pp. 11, 12–14, 15–19, 20–23, 24

part Part 5|61 pages

Forms of Dissent

section 5.1|14 pages

Wesleyan Methodism

chapter 11|2 pages

Charles Wesley, ‘Jesus Hath Died that I Might Live’ (No. 415) and ‘Jesus, My Life!’ (No. 347)

In J. Everett and M. Baxter (eds), Hymn Book of the United Methodist Free Churches, comprising the Collection of Hymns by the Rev. J. Wesley with Miscellaneous Hymns Suited for Occasional Services (London: William Reed, 1867), n.p.

section 5.2|16 pages

Welsh Nonconformity

chapter 13|9 pages

Henry Richard, ‘The Established Church in Wales’ (1871)

In Letters and Essays on Wales (London: James Clarke, 1884), pp. 129–135, 135–137, 146–147, 150–151, 159-160, 170–171, 179–183

chapter 14|1 pages

William Williams Pantycelyn, ‘’Rwy’n edrych dros y bryniau pell’ (‘I look across the distant hills’)

In Gwynfor Evans (ed.), Land of My Fathers: 2000 Years of Welsh History (Talybont: Y Lolfa Press, 1992), p. 338

chapter 15|2 pages

Ann Griffiths, ‘Wele’n sefyll rhwng y myrtwydd’ (‘See him stand among the myrtles’)

In Gwynfor Evans (ed.), Land of My Fathers: 2000 Years of Welsh History (Talybont: Y Lolfa Press, 1992), pp. 346–347

section 5.3|15 pages


chapter 16|10 pages

Extracts from Lant Carpenter, The Beneficial Tendency of Unitarianism

(London: [n.p.], 1845), pp. 5–11, 11–13, 13–15, 16–20

chapter 17|1 pages

Anna Laetitia Barbauld, ‘The New Commandment’ (No. 214)

In James Martineau (ed.), Hymns for the Christian Church and Home [1840] (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1866), n.p.

section 5.4|13 pages


chapter 18|9 pages

Thomas Clarkson, A Portraiture of Quakerism, As taken from a view of the Moral Education, Discipline, Peculiar Customs, Religious Principles, Political and Civil Economy, and Character, of the Society of Friends

3 vols (London: Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1806), vol. 2, pp. 235–246 [abridged], 248–259 [abridged], 294, 295–300 [abridged]; vol. 1, pp. 123–129; vol 3, pp. 186–187, 199–205 [abridged].

part Part 6|31 pages

New Nonconformist Movements

section 6.1|13 pages


chapter 20|5 pages

A. N. Groves, ‘On Departure from Catholic Christianity’

In Catholic Christianity and Party Communion (London: Morgan & Chase, n.d.], pp. 10–16

section 6.2|15 pages

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

chapter 21|5 pages

John Jaques, ‘Necessity of a Living Prophet. Part 1’

The Latter-Day Saints’ Millennial Star, 15:33 (13th August 1843), pp. 529–532

chapter 22|4 pages

Anon., ‘Gathering’

The Latter-Day Saints’ Millennial Star, 15:3 (15th January 1853), pp. 33–35

chapter 23|2 pages

William G. Mills, ‘Our Home at Great Salt Lake’

The Latter-Day Saints’ Millennial Star, 15:22 (28th May 1853), pp. 351–352

part Part 7|39 pages


section 7.1|15 pages

Orthodox Judaism

chapter 25|5 pages

Nina Davis, ‘The Ark of the Covenant’

Jewish Quarterly Review, 8:1 (October 1895), pp. 82–86

section 7.2|10 pages

Reform Judaism

chapter 26|6 pages

D. W. Marks, Discourse Delivered at the Consecration of the West London Synagogue of British Jews, Thursday 16th Sebat a.m. 5602–27th January 1842

(London: Duncan & Malcolm, 5602–1842), pp. 6–9, 10–11, 12, 17–22

section 7.3|11 pages

Liberal Judaism

chapter 27|7 pages

Lily Montagu, ‘Spiritual Possibilities of Judaism Today’

Jewish Quarterly Review, 11:2 (January 1899), pp. 216–224, 225–226, 227–228, 229–230

part Part 8|40 pages

Religious Traditions from Asia

section 8.1|14 pages


chapter 28|6 pages

Rammohun Roy, Translation of an Abridgement of the Vedant, or, a Resolution of All the Veds [1817]

In The English Works of Raja Ram Mohun Roy, ed. Jogendra Chunder Ghose, 2 vols (Calcutta, 1885–1887), vol. 1, pp. 3–18 [abridged]

chapter 29|2 pages

Miss Acland, ‘The Rajah’s Tomb’

In Mary Carpenter (ed.), The Last Days in England of Rajah Rammohun Roy (London: Trubner & Co., 1866), pp. 176–177

chapter 30|2 pages

Kissory Chand Mittra, ‘The Last Days in England of Rajah Rammohun Roy’ [1866]

In Mary Carpenter (ed.), The Last Days in England of Rajah Rammohun Roy, revd edn (Calcutta: Rammohun Roy Library, 1915), pp. 253–255

section 8.2|12 pages


chapter 31|8 pages

Dadabhai Naoroji, The Parsee Religion

(Liverpool: [n.p.], 1861), pp. 1–6, 7–9, 20–21, 23–26, 26–27

section 8.3|12 pages


chapter 32|8 pages

Syed Ameer Ali, The Life and Teachings of Mohammed: Or, the Spirit of Islam

(London: W.H. Allen & Co., 1891), pp. 226–231, 233–234, 254–255, 262, 266–267, 268–270, 271–272, 274–275, 362–365

part Part 9|55 pages

Interpretive Traditions

section 9.1|14 pages

Radical Christianity

chapter 33|6 pages

Joseph Rayner Stephens, The Political Preacher: An Appeal from the Pulpit on Behalf of the Poor

(London: [n.p.], 1839), pp. 14–17, 18–20, 22–23, 26–28, 31–32

chapter 34|1 pages

[Anon.,] ‘Hymn Thirteenth’

National Chartist Hymn Book (Rochdale: [1845]), p. 12

chapter 35|1 pages

John Henry Bramwich, ‘A Hymn’

Northern Star, 4 April 1846, 1st edn, p. 3

chapter 36|2 pages

Thomas Cooper, ‘God of the Earth, And Sea, And Sky’

English Chartist Circular 2:74 (1842), p. 88

section 9.2|13 pages

Feminist Religion

chapter 37|5 pages

Frances Power Cobbe, ‘Madonna Immacolata’

In Italics: Brief Notes on People, Politics and Places in Italy in 1864 (London: Trubner & Co., 1864), pp. 321–334

chapter 38|4 pages

Josephine E. Butler, ‘Introduction’

In Josephine E. Butler (ed.), Woman’s Work and Woman’s Culture: A Series of Essays (London: Macmillan & Co., 1869), pp. liii–lx

section 9.3|12 pages

Poetic and Aesthetic Religion

chapter 39|3 pages

Mary Howitt, ‘The Spirit of Poetry’

In Ballads and Poems (London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1847), pp. 265–269

chapter 40|5 pages

Anna B. Jameson, ‘Introduction’

In Sacred and Legendary Art, 2 vols [1848], new edition (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1890), vol. 1, pp. 1–7

section 9.4|13 pages

Natural Religion

chapter 41|5 pages

Theodore Parker, ‘The Relation of the Religious Sentiment to God, or a Discourse of Inspiration’ [1842]

In Frances Power Cobbe (ed.), Collected Works, 12 vols (London: Trubner & Co., 1863), vol. 1, book 2 pp. 110–117

chapter 42|4 pages

J. R. Illingworth, ‘Divine Immanence in Nature’

In Divine Immanence: An Essay on the Spiritual Significance of Matter (London: Macmillan, 1898), pp. 64–73