In many businesses sustainability is one person’s passion and responsibility. A large part of their job becomes selling sustainability to other people in the business.This book offers arguments, information and tactics will help that person get the buy-in they need to move sustainability forward in their business.Strategic Sustainability: sets out why sustainability matters to businesses – the benefits to you and your stakeholders; shows how to identify the biggest issues, impacts and wins  for your business; helps you identify the resources you will need to put sustainability at the heart of your business; outlines key reasons why businesses that are not multinationals should take action on sustainability, and how to do it; looks in detail at how to integrate sustainability with business strategy and mission.Sustainability is of strategic importance to a business. This book makes an airtight case for why action is essential and how sustainability can help a business not only survive but thrive in competitive marketplaces.

chapter 2|6 pages

Identifying Your Material Issues

chapter 3|3 pages

Identify Resources

chapter 5|8 pages

How to Make it Happen

chapter 6|2 pages

Common Arguments