Local Content in Procurement is the first book of its kind. Recognizing the substantial economic and social value brought to host countries and local communities through the procurement practices of large private and public companies, this book by Dr Michael Warner – Director of the consultancy firm Local Content Solutions and former architect of the Local Content standards for BG Group – provides a first-hand account of the Local Content regulations, strategies and procurement processes needed to realise these social benefits. 

Acknowledging that the employment and industrial benefits of large-scale procurement have been sorely overlooked, this book is both a how-to manual and a thoughtful insight into the challenge of creating sustainable jobs and competitive national industries through expenditure on bought-in goods and services. 

With literally trillions of dollars of goods and services being procured over the next ten years in exploring and developing for oil, gas and mineral resources across the globe, the book focuses on these sectors, yet also has wide application to the utilities, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing and defence sectors.

Local Content in Procurement has been written for those working for the procurement, strategy and social responsibility departments of major private and public companies and international suppliers, for industrial and economic policy-makers and regulators of local content, and for all those involved in the management of procurement expenditure to develop national and local industries.

chapter |9 pages


chapter 1|27 pages

Competitiveness vs. protectionism

Is local content a road to economic competitiveness or a pathway to protectionism?

chapter 2|24 pages

Local content optimisation

Modelling the economic impact of local content on commercial interests and public industrial policy

chapter 3|21 pages

Procurement strategy

The role of contracting and procurement strategy in effective local content management

chapter 4|23 pages

Case study

Procurement as a driver of national competitiveness in the Poinsettia project, BG Group, Trinidad and Tobago

chapter 5|22 pages

Major contract tenders

Factoring local content into the formulation of invitations to tender and tender evaluation for major contracts

chapter 6|20 pages

Accessible procurement

Designing procurement procedures to facilitate access for local suppliers

chapter 7|21 pages

SME development programmes

Capacity building of SMEs to participate in procurement

chapter 8|13 pages

Aid procurement

An opportunity to stimulate private sector development through local supply chains

chapter 9|33 pages

Metrics and measurement

Unpacking the performance reporting of local content and local supplier development