Vegetation and Soils is an introduction to the study of vegetation and soil distribution. In this accessible work, S. R. Eyre describes the distributions of these two important elements in the landscape. The book progresses regionally, and the land areas of the earth are subdivided according to the distribution of their main vegetation and soil types. The author argues that the nature of the soil is not determined by vegetation any more than it is determined by climate, but the nature of the vegetation always has some bearing on the nature of the soil, and vice versa.Eyre studies the ways in which plant communities and soil profiles develop and the complexity of the vegetation-climatic relationship. The middle and high latitudes are examined, as well as the tropical regions. In order to avoid broad generalizations of vast regions, the example of the British Isles is used to show that vegetation and soil maps can be misleading on a continental scale. The book concludes with a series of vegetation maps, which show the distribution of plant formations. Also included are tables providing climatic correlations with vegetation and a glossary of relevant terms.This classic work shows the intimate connection between vegetation development and soil development. For this reason, this book is a major contribution to the study of the physical aspects of geography and will be of particular interest to students of geography, botany, and agriculture.

part Part One|44 pages

Vegetation and Soil Development

chapter Chapter I|4 pages

The Original Landscape and the Hand of Man

chapter Chapter II|18 pages

Vegetation Development

chapter Chapter III|20 pages

Soil Development

part Part Two|96 pages

Vegetation and Soils Outside the Tropics

chapter Chapter IV

Coniferous Forests

chapter Chapter V|12 pages

The Mixed Forests of Middle Latitudes

chapter Chapter VI|10 pages

Broad-leaved Forests of Middle Latitudes

chapter Chapter VII|8 pages

The Evolution of Extra-Tropical Forests

chapter Chapter VIII|12 pages

Tundra and Alpine Vegetation

chapter Chapter IX|19 pages


chapter Chapter X|15 pages

Woodlands and Scrublands

part Part Three

The British Isles

chapter Chapter XI|22 pages

The Climatic Climax Vegetation and its Associated Soils

chapter Chapter XII|10 pages

Seres and Subclimaxes on the Original Landscape

chapter Chapter XIII

The Impact of Man

part Part Four|77 pages

Tropical Regions

chapter Chapter XIV|3 pages

Introduction to Tropical Vegetation and Soils

chapter Chapter XV|18 pages

Tropical Rain Forest

chapter Chapter XVI|10 pages

Tropical Seasonal Forests

chapter Chapter XVII|13 pages

Microphyllous Forest, Semi-desert and Desert

chapter Chapter XVIII|11 pages

Tropical Savanna

chapter Chapter XIX|9 pages

Tropical Soils subject to Seasonal Drought

chapter Chapter XX|11 pages

The Vegetation of Tropical Mountains

part |7 pages


chapter Chapter XXI|5 pages

The Outlook for Wild Nature