This is a major survey and assessment of U.S. intelligence activities over the last forty-five years. It offers a systematic and authoritative evaluation of American intelligence-gathering machinery: how it has been used, misused, and on occasion, ignored. The book has been hailed as "a splendid work, reflective and penetrating" by James R. Schlesinger; while Zbigniew Brzezinski describes Laqueur as "a man who understands the relationships between history and the world of secret services." Henry S. Rowen noted that Laqueur "brings a rare degree of analytical power to this important subject."

chapter |10 pages


part 1|56 pages

The Anatomy of Intelligence

chapter 1|23 pages

The Production of Intelligence

chapter 2|31 pages

Economic and Scientific Intelligence

part 2|130 pages

A History of Intelligence Performance

part 3|53 pages

Intelligence Abroad

chapter 7|32 pages

Secret Services in Open Societies

chapter 8|19 pages

The Antagonists: KGB and GRU

part 4|56 pages

Theories of Intelligence

chapter 9|38 pages

The Causes of Failure

chapter 10|16 pages

Craft or Science?

part 5|36 pages


chapter 11|34 pages

The Future of Intelligence