This life-course analysis of family development focuses on the social dynamics among family members. It features parent-child relationships in a larger context, by examining the help exchange between kin and nonkin and the intergenerational transmission of family characteristics.

part I|1 pages


chapter 1|46 pages

Problem and Design

part II|1 pages

The Organization of Lives: Age, Aging, and Kinship

chapter 2|32 pages

Age and Aging

chapter 3|66 pages

Age, Historic Charge, and Kinship

part III|1 pages

Normative Obligations to Kin

chapter 4|56 pages

The Structure of Kinship Norms

chapter 5|38 pages

Variation in obligations to Kin

part IV|1 pages

Dimensions of Parent–Child Solidarity

part V|1 pages


chapter 11|24 pages

Overview and Looking Ahead