This book, written by a leading scholar in leadership, takes readers through a very realistic look at what it takes to develop leadership competencies. Focusing on four major goals, this text:
*provides the reader with a broader and deeper understanding of what constitutes authentic leadership development;
*challenges a very basic notion that leaders are born versus made;
*talks about the elements that comprise leadership development so readers are informed to ask the many providers of leadership development the right questions; and
*develops full leadership potential.

There are numerous case examples used throughout the book: high-tech executives, community leaders, correctional service supervisors, bank managers in Canada, and platoon commanders in Israel. Each example is used as a general basis for discussing how people develop their leadership potential, and as models of training and evaluation.

Leadership Development in Balance: MADE/Born is intended for graduate or undergraduate students of leadership, project managers, supervisors, senior executives, school principles, health care officers, or legislators.

chapter 2|21 pages

One’s Life Stream

chapter 4|20 pages

Building Perspective

chapter 5|14 pages

Feedback to Inch and Leap Forward

chapter 6|21 pages


chapter 7|27 pages

Mistakes and Trust

chapter 8|21 pages

E-leadership Is Leadership Plus

chapter 12|13 pages

Research Supporting What Has Been Said