A relative newcomer to the field of wireless communications, ad hoc networking is growing quickly, both in its importance and its applications. With rapid advances in hardware, software, and protocols, ad hoc networks are now coming of age, and the time has come to bring together into one reference their principles, technologies, and techniques.

The Handbook of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks does exactly that. Experts from around the world have joined forces to create the definitive reference for the field. From the basic concepts, techniques, systems, and protocols of wireless communication to the particulars of ad hoc network routing methods, power, connections, traffic management, and security, this handbook covers virtually every aspect of ad hoc wireless networking. It includes a section that explores several routing methods and protocols directly related to implementing ad hoc networks in a variety of applications.

The benefits of ad hoc wireless networks are many, but several challenges remain. Organized for easy reference, The Handbook of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks is your opportunity to gain quick familiarity with the state of the art, have at your disposal the only complete reference on the subject available, and prepare to meet the technological and implementation challenges you'll encounter in practice.

chapter 6|22 pages

Coding for the Wireless Channel

chapter 8|28 pages

Satellite Communications

chapter 9|12 pages

Wireless Communication Protocols

chapter 15|22 pages

Adaptive Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

chapter 22|10 pages

Power-Aware Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

chapter 26|12 pages

Resource Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

chapter 31|18 pages

Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

chapter 32|14 pages

Security Issues in Ad Hoc Networks