Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity: drastic reduction of carbon emissions is vital if we are to avoid a catastrophe that devastates large parts of the world. Governments and businesses have been slow to act and individuals now need to take the lead. The Earth can absorb no more than 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year for every person on the planet if we are to keep temperature and rainfall change within tolerable limits. Yet from cars and holiday flights to household appliances and the food on our plates, Western consumer lifestyles leave each of us responsible for over 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year - four times what the Earth can handle. Individual action is essential if we want to avoid climate chaos. How to Live a Low-Carbon Life shows how easy it is to take responsibility, providing the first comprehensive, one-stop reference guide to calculating your CO2 emissions and reducing them to a sustainable 3 tonnes a year.

chapter 2|17 pages

The scope for government action

chapter 6|33 pages

Home heating

chapter 7|7 pages

Water heating and cooking

chapter 8|11 pages


chapter 9|40 pages

Household appliances

chapter 10|35 pages

Car travel

chapter 11|6 pages

Public transport

chapter 12|12 pages

Air travel

chapter 13|18 pages


chapter 15|20 pages

Domestic use of renewable energy

chapter 16|10 pages

Cancelling out emissions

chapter 17|4 pages