How can the European Union meet its binding 20% renewable energy target in final energy consumption by the year 2020? Which sources offer the best prospects for realizing this goal? These are the questions answered by this key book which analyses the current situation of renewable energy in Europe, examines the latest technological, financial and economic developments, and outlines ways in which the renewable energy market can be developed. The book is divided into sections examining the integration of renewable energy, electricity, heating and cooling as well as biofuels. All the main technologies are covered, with exploration of: ' benefits and applications ' costs and prices ' markets and installed capacity ' policy instruments ' key countries and success stories ' targets and long term potential This will be essential reading for policy decision-makers at all levels and to all those involved in the development of the renewable energy industry.

part |1 pages

Part I Introduction

chapter 1|12 pages

Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

part |3 pages

Part II RES Heating and cooling

chapter 2|21 pages

Solar Thermal

chapter 3|22 pages


chapter 4|26 pages


part |2 pages

Part III RES Electricity

chapter 5|23 pages


chapter 6|26 pages


chapter 7|11 pages

Concentrated Solar Power

chapter 8|17 pages


chapter 9|21 pages

Small Hydropower

chapter 10|17 pages

Ocean Energy

chapter 11|15 pages

Geothermal Electricity

part |1 pages

Part IV Biofuels

chapter 12|14 pages


chapter 13|15 pages