A bestseller on Amazon.com within months of its first release, Alan AtKisson's debut book quickly became a modern classic of sustainability literature. Global companies, grassroots groups, university courses, government agencies, and even the US Army ordered it by the box. Now fully revised and updated, Believing Cassandra: How to be an Optimist in a Pessimist's World is even more relevant, fresh, and motivating than when it first appeared in 1999. In a style that's refreshingly candid and vivid, with unforgettable personal anecdotes, AtKisson provides us with a bridge over the sea of despair, and shows us how to catch the wave to an enticing, sustainable future. He empowers the reader to join the pioneers who created the ideas, techniques and practices of sustainable living - the people who prove Cassandra's warnings wrong, by believing in them, and taking strategic action.

part I|122 pages

Cassandra's Dilemma

chapter 1|21 pages

When Worlds Collapse

chapter 2|16 pages

A Brief History of Cassandra's Dilemma

chapter 3|28 pages

In the Gallery of Global Trends

chapter 4|16 pages

It's the System

chapter 5|13 pages

Cassandra's Laughter, Cassandra's Tears

chapter 6|24 pages

Armageddon, Utopia or Both?

part II|77 pages

Reinventing the World

chapter 7|18 pages

The Future in a Word

chapter 8|20 pages

The Proof of the Possible

chapter 9|21 pages

The Innovation Diffusion Game

chapter 10|13 pages

Accelerate to Survive

chapter |1 pages