This book provides a thorough introduction to the phenomenology of heavy flavour physics, those working on the B-factories, LHCb, BTeV, HERA and the Tevatron. It explains how heavy quark theory could be implemented on the lattice, and discusses the status of CP-violation in the neutral kaon system.

chapter |56 pages

The Standard Model in 2001

ByJonathan L Rosner
Size: 1.05 MB

chapter |48 pages

Heavy quark theory

ByGerhard Buchalla
Size: 1.56 MB

chapter |42 pages

Lattice QCD

ByChristine Davies
Size: 2.54 MB

chapter |54 pages

CP violation — a new era

ByYosef Nir
Size: 0.95 MB

chapter |36 pages

CP and flavour in supersymmetry

BySteven Abel
Size: 0.57 MB

chapter |65 pages

B phenomenology

BySheldon Stone
Size: 4.61 MB

chapter |24 pages

Heavy quarks at HERA-B and the Tevatron

ByPeter Križan
Size: 3.38 MB

chapter |17 pages

Observation of direct CP Violation in kaon decays

ByKonrad Kleinknecht
Size: 1.12 MB

chapter |28 pages

Results from the B-meson factories

ByKlaus R Schubert
Size: 3.07 MB

chapter |18 pages

B physics at the LHC

ByTatsuya Nakada
Size: 2.08 MB