Over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, including non-target species, air, water and soil. The extensive reliance on insecticide use reduces biodiversity, contributes to pollinator decline, destroys habitat, and threatens endangered species. This book offers a more effective application of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, on an area-wide (AW) or population-wide (AW-IPM) basis, which aims at the management of the total population of a pest, involving a coordinated effort over often larger areas. For major livestock pests, vectors of human diseases and pests of high-value crops with low pest tolerance, there are compelling economic reasons for participating in AW-IPM.

This new textbook attempts to address various fundamental components of AW-IPM, e.g. the importance of relevant problem-solving research, the need for planning and essential baseline data collection, the significance of integrating adequate tools for appropriate control strategies, and the value of pilot trials, etc. With chapters authored by 184 experts from more than 31 countries, the book includes many technical advances in the areas of genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, resistance management, and social sciences that facilitate the planning and implementing of area-wide strategies.

The book is essential reading for the academic and applied research community as well as national and regional government plant and human/animal health authorities with responsibility for protecting plant and human/animal health.

section Section 1|230 pages

Operational Area-Wide Programmes

chapter |14 pages

Development and Area-Wide Application of Biological Control using the Parasitoid Aphidius gifuensis Against Myzus persicae in China

ByY. B. Yu, H. L. Yang, Z. Lin, S. Y. Yang, L. M. Zhang, X. H. Gu, C. M. Li, X. Wang
Size: 1.26 MB

chapter |16 pages

Biological Control: Cornerstone of Area-Wide-Integrated Pest Management for the Cassava Mealybug in Tropical Asia

ByK. A. G. Wyckhuys, W. Orankanok, J. W. Ketelaar, A. Rauf, G. Goergen, P. Neuenschwander
Size: 0.59 MB

chapter |17 pages

Holistic Area-Wide Approach for Successfully Managing Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing) in Mexico

ByC. J. García-Ávila, F. J. Trujillo-Arriaga, A. Quezada-Salinas, I. Ruiz-Galván, D. Bravo-Pérez, J. M. Pineda-Ríos, J. G. Florencio-Anastasio, P. L. Robles-García
Size: 0.57 MB

chapter |17 pages

Putting the Sterile Insect Technique into the Modern Integrated Pest Management Toolbox to Control the Codling Moth in Canada

ByC. Nelson, E. Esch, S. Kimmie, M. Tesche, H. Philip, S. Arthur
Size: 0.50 MB

chapter |17 pages

The Chinese Citrus Fly, Bactrocera minax (Diptera: Tephritidae): A Review of its Biology, Behaviour and Area-Wide Management

ByM. A. Rashid, Y. Dong, A. A. Andongma, Z. Chen, Y. Wang, P. Xu, P. Li, P. Yang, A. R. Clarke, C. Niu
Size: 0.66 MB

chapter |35 pages

Area-Wide Fruit Fly Programmes in Latin America

ByP. Rendón, W. Enkerlin
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section Section 2|229 pages

Animal and Human Health

chapter |18 pages

Area-Wide Management of Stable Flies

ByD. B. Taylor
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chapter |24 pages

Advances in Integrated Tick Management Research for Area-Wide Mitigation of Tick-Borne Disease Burden

ByA. A. Pérez De León, R. D. Mitchell, R. J. Miller, K. H. Lohmeyer
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Size: 1.36 MB

chapter |13 pages

Phylogeography and Insecticide Resistance of the New World Screwworm Fly in South America and the Caribbean

ByL. W. Bergamo, P. Fresia, A. M. L. Azeredo-Espin
Size: 0.51 MB

chapter |20 pages

Area-Wide Mosquito Management in Lee County, Florida, USA

ByE. W. Foley, R. L. Morreale, D. F. Hoel, A. M. Lloyd
Size: 1.55 MB

chapter |28 pages

Aedes aegypti Control Programmes in Brazil

ByH. R. C. Araújo, D. O. Carvalho, M. L. Capurro
Size: 0.93 MB

chapter |38 pages

Combining the Incompatible and Sterile Insect Techniques for Pest and Vector Control

ByL. A. Baton, D. Zhang, Y. Li, Z. Xi
Size: 1.52 MB

section Section 3|154 pages

Climate Change, Global Trade and Invasive Species

chapter |14 pages

Trends in Arthropod Eradication Programmes from the Global Eradication Database, Gerda

ByD. M. Suckling, L. D. Stringer, J. M. Kean
Size: 0.74 MB

chapter |19 pages

Successful Area-Wide Eradication of the Invading Mediterranean Fruit Fly in the Dominican Republic

ByJ. L. Zavala-López, G. Marte-Diaz, F. Martínez-Pujols
Size: 1.32 MB

chapter |12 pages

The Eradication of the Invasive Red Palm Weevil in the Canary Islands

ByM. Fajardo, X. Rodríguez, C. D. Hernández, L. Barroso, M. Morales, A. González, R. MartíN
Size: 0.59 MB

chapter |10 pages

Area-Wide Management of Invading Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) Populations in the USA

ByA. M. Liebhold, D. Leonard, J. L. Marra, S. E. Pfister
Size: 0.48 MB

chapter |20 pages

Successful Area-Wide Programme that Eradicated Outbreaks of the Invasive Cactus Moth in Mexico

ByA. Bello-Rivera, R. Pereira, W. Enkerlin, S. Bloem, K. Bloem, S. D. Hight, J. E. Carpenter, H. G. Zimmermann, H. M. Sanchez-Anguiano, R. Zetina-Rodriguez, F. J. Trujillo-Arriaga
Size: 0.67 MB

chapter |16 pages

Area-Wide Eradication of the Invasive European Grapevine Moth Lobesia botrana in California, USA

ByG. S. Simmons, L. Varela, M. Daugherty, M. Cooper, D. Lance, V. Mastro, R. T. Carde, A. Lucchi, C. Ioriatti, B. Bagnoli, R. Steinhauer, R. Broadway, B. Stone Smith, K. Hoffman, G. Clark, D. Whitmer, R. Johnson
Size: 1.02 MB

chapter |18 pages

Area-Wide Management of Lobesia botrana in Mendoza, Argentina

ByG. A. A. Taret, G. Azin, M. Vanin
Size: 1.76 MB

section Section 4|147 pages

Regulatory and Socio-Economic Issues

chapter |15 pages

Area-Wide Management of Rice Planthopper Pests in Asia Through Integration of Ecological Engineering and Communication Strategies

ByK. L. Heong, Z. R. Zhu, Z. X. Lu, M. Escalada, H. V. Chien, L. Q. Cuong, J. Cheng
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chapter |19 pages

A Successful Community-Based Pilot Programme to Control Insect Vectors of Chagas Disease in Rural Guatemala

ByP. M. Pennington, E. Pellecer Rivera, S. M. De Urioste-Stone, T. Aguilar, J. G. Juárez
Size: 0.97 MB

chapter |17 pages

Citizen Science and Asian Tiger Mosquito: A Pilot Study on Procida Island, A Possible Mediterranean Site for Mosquito Integrated Vector Management Trials

ByV. Petrella, G. Saccone, G. Langella, B. Caputo, M. Manica, F. Filipponi, A. Della Torre, M. Salvemini
Size: 0.79 MB

chapter |15 pages

Community Engagement for Wolbachia-Based Aedes aegypti Population Suppression for Dengue Control: The Singapore Experience

ByC. Liew, L. T. Soh, I. Chen, X. Li, S. Sim, L. C. Ng
Size: 1.40 MB

section Section 5|183 pages

New Developments and Tools for Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management Programmes

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chapter |34 pages

Genome Editing and its Applications for Insect Pest Control: Curse or Blessing?

ByI. Häcker, M. F. Schetelig
Size: 0.55 MB

chapter |13 pages

Synthetic Sex Ratio Distorters Based on Crispr for the Control of Harmful Insect Populations

ByB. Fasulo, A. Meccariello, P. A. Papathanos, A. Windbichler
Size: 0.46 MB

chapter |12 pages

The Use of Species Distribution Modelling and Landscape Genetics for Tsetse Control

ByM. T. Bakhoum, M. J. B. Vreysen, J. Bouyer
Size: 0.79 MB
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chapter |14 pages

Prospects for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management Programmes

ByD. Benavente-Sánchez, J. Moreno-Molina, R. Argilés-Herrero
Size: 0.80 MB

chapter |29 pages

Enterobacter: One Bacterium - Multiple Functions

ByP. M. Stathopoulou, E. Asimakis, G. Tsiamis
Size: 0.74 MB