This book contains selected papers presented at the 4th International Seminar of Contemporary Research on Business and Management (ISCRBM 2020), which was organized by the Alliance of Indonesian Master of Management Program (APMMI) and held in Surubaya, Indonesia, 25-27 November 2020. It was hosted by the Master of Management Program Indonesia University and co-hosts Airlangga University, Sriwijaya University, Trunojoyo University of Madura, and Telkom University, and supported by Telkom Indonesia and Triputra. The seminar aimed to provide a forum for leading scholars, academics, researchers, and practitioners in business and management area to reflect on current issues, challenges and opportunities, and to share the latest innovative research and best practice. This seminar brought together participants to exchange ideas on the future development of management disciplines: human resources, marketing, operations, finance, strategic management and entrepreneurship.

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Stock movement prediction

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Green M&A

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