Design and research are two fields of knowledge that each has its traditions, methods, standards and practices. These two worlds appear to be quite separate, with researchers investigating what exists, and designers visualising what could be. This book builds a bridge between both worlds by showing how design and research can be integrated to develop a new field of knowledge.

Applied Design Research: A Mosaic of 22 Examples, Experiences and Interpretations Focussing on Bridging the Gap between Practice and Academics contains 22 inspiring reflections that demonstrate how the unique qualities of research (aimed at studying the present) and design (aimed at developing the future) can be combined.

This book shows that the transdisciplinary approach is applicable in a multitude of sectors, ranging from healthcare, urban planning, circular economy, and the food industry. Arranged in five parts, the book offers a range of illustrative examples, experiences, methods, and interpretations. Together they make up the characteristic of a mosaic, each piece contributing a part of the complete picture, and all pieces together offering a multi-facted perspective of what applied design research is, how it is implemented and what the reader can expect from it.

This book with its bearings in practice can enthuse early-stage researchers with the diversity of its examples, while more senior design researchers may recognize themselves in the depth of the experiences described and be inspired by them.

The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

part 1|50 pages

Eyes on the Future

chapter |8 pages

Research into research

Design processes as participatory knowledge production
ByDaan Andriessen
Size: 16.04 MB

chapter |10 pages

Radio Dabanga

Applied design research in human experience & media design
ByKoen van Turnhout, Aletta Smits
Size: 19.80 MB

chapter |10 pages

Learning from prototypes

From the design studio to the city
ByTomasz Jaskiewicz
Size: 18.92 MB

chapter |10 pages

Design thinking for professionals

Applied design research as a driving force for innovating education
ByGuido Stompff
Size: 18.99 MB

chapter |9 pages

Dance? Dance!

The contribution of practicedriven design research to the ballet of disciplines
ByPeter Troxler
Size: 8.79 MB

part 2|52 pages

The Urge to Improve the World

chapter |10 pages

Idealistic visions of the future or realistic solutions?

Baby steps towards innovation leaps
ByPeter Joore
Size: 20.13 MB

chapter |10 pages

Designing the future

Navigating the future
ByTessa Cramer
Size: 22.72 MB

chapter |10 pages

The artistic attitude in a social context

The art of daring to see things differently
ByAnke Coumans
Size: 19.43 MB

chapter |10 pages

Looking for trouble

Raising and tackling problems through design research
ByEke Rebergen, Sebastian Olma, Wander Eikelboom
Size: 22.45 MB

chapter |9 pages

Discomfort as a starting point

How design research can contribute to design practice
ByMarieke Zielhuis
Size: 12.05 MB

part 3|52 pages

Design and Research with Others

chapter |10 pages

Systemic co-design

The designer as a facilitator of change
ByRemko van der Lugt
Size: 24.14 MB

chapter |10 pages

Inclusive designs in healthcare

Warm Technology for people with dementia
ByRens Brankaert
Size: 17.98 MB

chapter |10 pages

Societal impact design

Empathic and systemic co-design as a driver for change
ByWina Smeenk
Size: 15.59 MB

chapter |10 pages

Designing our society together

With a different language towards a desired future
ByChristine De Lille
Size: 14.21 MB

chapter |9 pages

Integral development of the built environment

Shaping joint responsibility through common understanding
ByPerica Savanović
Size: 5.18 MB

part 4|50 pages

Building Bridges Between Disciplines

chapter |10 pages

Smart transitions with design

Making the future tangible for businesses and individuals
ByAnja Overdiek
Size: 15.18 MB

chapter |8 pages

A new mindset in research

Creativity, empathy, and participation lead to successful technological innovations in healthcare
ByEveline Wouters
Size: 17.16 MB

chapter |10 pages

Focus on the practical question

The meaningful application of technology in healthcare and welfare
ByJob van 't Veer
Size: 21.98 MB

chapter |10 pages

Shaping an empathic living environment

Design research as an incentive and medicine for healthy living
ByMasi Mohammadi
Size: 20.54 MB

chapter |9 pages

Seducing the conshuman

Design methods as fertile breeding ground for the food and agriculture industry
ByAntien Zuidberg
Size: 10.16 MB

part 5|24 pages

The Task for Applied Design Research

chapter |12 pages

Something old, something new

How the pillars of design changed dramatically in the last forty years, but the challenges remained the same.
ByKarin van Beurden
Size: 21.92 MB

chapter |9 pages

A letter from the future

An attempt at good ancestry
ByJeroen van den Eijnde
Size: 11.60 MB

part |4 pages

In Conclusion

chapter |2 pages


ByPeter Joore, Guido Stompff, Jeroen van den Eijnde
Size: 0.18 MB