Expanding Underground - Knowledge and Passion to Make a Positive Impact on the World contains the contributions presented at the ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2023 (Athens, Greece, 12 – 18 May, 2023). Tunnels and underground space are a predominant engineering practice that can provide sustainable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to the ever-growing needs of modern societies. This underground expansion in more diverse and challenging infrastructure types or to novel underground uses can foster the changes needed. At the same time, the tunneling and underground space community needs to be better prepared and equipped with knowledge, tools and experience, to deal with the prevailing conditions, to successfully challenge and overcome adversities on this path. The papers in this book aim at contributing to the analysis of challenging conditions, the presentation and dissemination good practices, the introduction of new concepts, new tools and innovative elements that can help engineers and all stakeholders to reach their end goals.

Expanding Underground - Knowledge and Passion to Make a Positive Impact on the World covers a wide range of aspects and topics related to the whole chain of the construction and operation of underground structures:

  • Knowledge and Passion to Expand Underground for Sustainability and Resilience
  • Geological, Geotechnical Site Investigation and Ground Characterization
  • Planning and Designing of Tunnels and Underground Structures
  • Mechanised Tunnelling and Microtunnelling
  • Conventional Tunnelling, Drill-and-Blast Applications
  • Tunnelling in Challenging Conditions - Case Histories and Lessons Learned
  • Innovation, Robotics and Automation
  • BIM, Big Data and Machine Learning Applications in Tunnelling
  • Safety, Risk and Operation of Underground Infrastructure, and
  • Contractual Practices, Insurance and Project Management

The book is a must-have reference for all professionals and stakeholders involved in tunneling and underground space development projects.

part |223 pages

Knowledge & passion to expand underground for sustainability and resilience

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part |183 pages

Geological, geotechnical site investigation and ground characterization

part |717 pages

Planning and designing of tunnels and underground structures

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chapter |9 pages

REM de l'Est project in Montreal

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part |419 pages

Mechanised tunnelling (and microtunnelling)

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part |156 pages

Conventional tunnelling, drill-and-blast applications

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part |668 pages

Tunnelling in challenging conditions,case histories and lessons learned

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