This book presents the technologies that empower edge intelligence, along with their use in novel IoT solutions. Specifically, it presents how 5G/6G, Edge AI, and Blockchain solutions enable novel IoT-based decentralized intelligence use cases at the edge of the cloud/edge/IoT continuum. Emphasis is placed on presenting how these technologies support a wide array of functional and non-functional requirements spanning latency, performance, cybersecurity, data protection, real-time performance, energy efficiency, and more. The various chapters of the book are contributed by several EU-funded projects, which have recently developed novel IoT platforms that enable the development and deployment of edge intelligence applications based on the cloud/edge paradigm. Each one of the projects employs its own approach and uses a different mix of networking, middleware, and IoT technologies. Therefore, each of the chapters of the book contributes a unique perspective on the capabilities of enabling technologies and their integration in practical real-life applications in different sectors. The book is structured in five distinct parts. Each one of the first four parts focuses on a specific set of enabling technologies for edge intelligence and smart IoT applications in the cloud/edge/IoT continuum. Furthermore, the fifth part provides information about complementary aspects of next-generation IoT technology, including information about business models and IoT skills. Specifically:

  • The first part focuses on 5G/6G networking technologies and their roles in implementing edge intelligence applications.
  • The second part presents IoT applications that employ machine learning and other forms of Artificial Intelligence at the edge of the network.
  • The third part illustrates decentralized IoT applications based on distributed ledger technologies.
  • The fourth part is devoted to the presentation of novel IoT applications and use cases spanning the cloud/edge/IoT continuum.
  • The fifth part discusses complementary aspects of IoT technologies, including business models and digital skills.


The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons [Attribution-Non-Commercial (CC-BY-NC)] 4.0 license.

part II|168 pages

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and AI at the Edge

Size: 1.39 MB

part III|37 pages

Blockchain Solutions for Trusted Edge Intelligence in IoT Systems

part IV|81 pages

Novel IoT Applications at the Cloud, Edge, and "Far-edge"

part V|59 pages

IoT Skills and Business Models