The book contains essays on current issues in Social and Political Sciences, such as the issues of governance and social order; social development and community development; global challenges and inequality; civil society and social movement; IT-based community and social transformation; poverty alleviation and corporate social responsibility; and gender issues. Asia and the Pacifi c are the particular regions that the conference focuses on as they have become new centers of social and political development. Therefore, this book covers areas that have been traditionally known as the social and political areas such as communication studies, political studies, governance studies, criminology, sociology, social welfare, anthropology and international relations.

part 1|13 pages

Keynote speech

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chapter 2|5 pages

Comprehending Indonesian transformation

ByBambang Shergi Laksmono
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part 2|376 pages


chapter 4|7 pages

Interpretation of social policy in Jatinangor, Sumedang

ByM. Fedryansyah, I.R. Adi
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chapter 6|7 pages

Victimisation in tax collection in Indonesia

ByP. Harahap, M. Mustofa
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chapter 9|7 pages

Fishermen’s adaptation to aquatic environment changes in Jakarta Bay

ByT. Anugrahini, I.R. Adi
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chapter 11|9 pages

Tax amnesty policy implementation: The supporting and inhibiting factors

ByN. Rahayu, N. Dwiyanto
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chapter 12|7 pages

The impact of microfinance as a community development program

ByE. Rahayu, I.R. Adi
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chapter 14|6 pages

Local wisdom of landslide disaster mitigation and change in ecosocial interaction at Bojong Koneng village

ByR. Raharja, F.G. Wibowo, R.V. Ningsih, S.V. Machdum
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chapter 19|7 pages

Halal tourism as Japan’s economic and diplomatic strategy

ByS.A. Wibyaninggar, S. Aminah
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chapter 23|9 pages

US foreign policy towards the democratisation of Syria in 2011–2014

ByS. Awal, I.F.R. Agoes
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chapter 26|7 pages

Black lives matter in the progress of the African-American movement

ByA. Gracilia, T. Paramehta, N.N. Soeyono, I.F.R. Agoes
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chapter 27|8 pages

Asset management analysis and development strategy of Muara Angke fishing port

ByI. Iklina, A. Inggriantara, K. Djaja
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chapter 29|6 pages

Constructs of vulnerability and resilience in the coastal community of Tanjung Pasir village, Tangerang

ByI.B.H. Gupta, A. Rahmat, A.T. Alamsyah, D. Syahdanul
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chapter 30|10 pages

Trading-off pattern of marine stewardship council management in Indonesia

ByA. Notohamijoyo, M. Huseini, R.H. Koestoer, S. Fauzi
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chapter 40|5 pages

The optimisation of society as an environment conservation actor: Study of Citanduy upstream watershed conservation

ByH. Herdiansyah, A. Brotosusilo, H. Agustina, W. Berkademi
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chapter 41|7 pages

Indonesia’s support for Palestine in international forums

ByN.S. Azani, M.L. Zuhdi
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