Safety and Reliability – Safe Societies in a Changing World collects the papers presented at the 28th European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2018 in Trondheim, Norway, June 17-21, 2018.

The contributions cover a wide range of methodologies and application areas for safety and reliability that contribute to safe societies in a changing world. These methodologies and applications include:
- foundations of risk and reliability assessment and management
- mathematical methods in reliability and safety
- risk assessment
- risk management
- system reliability
- uncertainty analysis
- digitalization and big data
- prognostics and system health management
- occupational safety
- accident and incident modeling
- maintenance modeling and applications
- simulation for safety and reliability analysis
- dynamic risk and barrier management
- organizational factors and safety culture
- human factors and human reliability
- resilience engineering
- structural reliability
- natural hazards
- security
- economic analysis in risk management

Safety and Reliability – Safe Societies in a Changing World will be invaluable to academics and professionals working in a wide range of industrial and governmental sectors: offshore oil and gas, nuclear engineering, aeronautics and aerospace, marine transport and engineering, railways, road transport, automotive engineering, civil engineering, critical infrastructures, electrical and electronic engineering, energy production and distribution, environmental engineering, information technology and telecommunications, insurance and finance, manufacturing, marine transport, mechanical engineering, security and protection, and policy making.

part 1|99 pages

Accident and incident modeling

part 2|39 pages

Economic analysis in risk management

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part 3|155 pages

Organizational factors and safety culture

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part 4|212 pages

Human factors and human reliability

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part |216 pages

Maintenance modeling and applications

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part |229 pages

Mathematical methods in reliability and safety

chapter |8 pages

Bringing formal methods on the rail

On automatic verifying railroad interlockings from railML models
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chapter |5 pages

Self-healing networks

A theoretical approach to smart grids’ resilience
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chapter |3 pages

Maintenance of a drone fleet

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part |209 pages

Prognostics and system health management

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chapter 134|3 pages

Return on investment on PHM systems

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chapter 138|7 pages

The class of life time distributions with a mean residual life linear in time:

Application to prognostics and health management
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part |163 pages

Resilience engineering

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part |435 pages

Risk assessment

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chapter 169|6 pages

Automated driving on steel and rubber

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chapter 202|7 pages

Safety assessment

Perspectives for next generation nuclear plants
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chapter 211|8 pages

Risk assessment of worldwide refinery accidents using advanced classification methods

Effects of refinery configuration and geographic location on outcome risk levels
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chapter 217|8 pages

Hazard identification for a dynamic positioning and mooring system in Arctic condition

Complementary use of hazard identification study (HAZID) and Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA)
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chapter 220|7 pages


A hybrid static-dynamic PRA software platform
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part 10|198 pages

Risk management

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part |247 pages

Simulation for safety and reliability analysis

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