A unified theory embracing all physical phenomena is a major goal of theoretical physics. In the early 1980s, many physicists looked to eleven-dimensional supergravity in the hope that it might provide that elusive superunified theory. In 1984 supergravity was knocked off its pedestal by ten-dimensional superstrings, one-dimensional objects whose v

part Chapter 1|60 pages

Eleven-dimensional supergravity

chapter |18 pages

Supersymmetries and Their Representations

ByW. Nahm
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chapter |4 pages

Supergravity Theory in 11 Dimensions

ByE. Cremmer, B. Julia, J. Scherk
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chapter |17 pages

Search for a Realistic Kaluza-Klein Theory*

ByEdward Witten
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chapter |4 pages

N = 8 Supergravity Breaks Down to N = 1

ByM. A. Awada, M. J. Duff, C. N. Pope
Size: 0.43 MB

chapter |4 pages

Compactification of d = 11 Supergravity On K3 × T

ByM.J. Duff, B.E.W. Nilsson, C.N. Pope
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chapter |3 pages

Exact PP-Wave Solutions of 11-Dimensional Supergravity

ByC.M. Hull
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part Chapter 2|67 pages

The eleven-dimensional supermembrane

chapter |4 pages

Supermembranes and Eleven-Dimensional Supergravity

ByE. Bergshoeff, E. Sezgin, P.K. Townsend
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chapter |37 pages

On the Quantum Mechanics of Supermembranes

ByB. de Wit, J. Hoppe, H. Nicolai
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chapter |6 pages

Multi-membrane solutions of D = 11 supergravity

ByM.J. Duff, K.S. Stelle
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chapter |4 pages

Open p-branes

ByAndrew Strominger, M. Dine
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chapter |8 pages

D-branes from M-branes

ByP.K. Townsend, P.V. Landshoff
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part Chapter 3|69 pages

The eleven-dimensional superfivebrane

chapter |7 pages

Black p-brane solutions of D = 11 supergravity theory

ByR. Güven
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chapter |22 pages

Eleven-dimensional origin of string/string duality: a one-loop test*

ByM.J. Duff, James T. Liu, R. Minasian
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chapter |8 pages

One loop in eleven dimensions

ByMichael B. Green, Michael Gutperle, Pierre Vanhove, R. Gatto
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chapter |15 pages

Five-branes and M-theory on an orbifold

ByEdward Witten
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chapter |11 pages

Covariant field equations of the M-theory five-brane

ByP.S. Howe, E. Sezgin, P.C. West, M. Dine
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part Chapter 4|71 pages

M-theory (before M-theory was cool)

chapter |5 pages

Superstrings in D=10 from Supermembranes in D=11

ByM.J. Duff, P.S. Howe, T. Inami, K.S. Stelle
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chapter |26 pages

Duality Rotations in Membrane Theory

ByM.J. Duff, J.X. Lu
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chapter |29 pages

Unity of superstring dualities

ByC.M. Hull, P.K. Townsend
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chapter |5 pages

The eleven-dimensional supermembrane revisited

ByP.K. Townsend, P.V. Landshoff
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part Chapter 5|52 pages

Intersecting branes and black holes

chapter |7 pages

Intersecting M-branes

ByG. Papadopoulos, P.K. Townsend, P.V. Landshoff
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chapter |15 pages

Harmonic superpositions of M-branes

ByA.A. Tseytlin
Size: 1.07 MB

chapter |8 pages

The black branes of M-theory

ByM.J. Duff, H. Lü, C.N. Pope, L. Alvarez-Gaumé
Size: 0.68 MB

chapter |14 pages

Intersecting M-branes as four-dimensional black holes

ByI.R. Klebanov, A.A. Tseytlin
Size: 1.03 MB

part Chapter 6|191 pages

M-theory and duality

chapter |42 pages

String theory dynamics in various dimensions

ByEdward Witten
Size: 2.82 MB

chapter |15 pages

P-Brane Democracy

ByP.K. Townsend
Size: 1.07 MB

chapter |7 pages

The power of M theory

ByJohn H. Schwarz, M. Dine
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chapter |19 pages

Heterotic and Type I string dynamics from eleven dimensions

ByPetr Hořava, Edward Witten
Size: 1.65 MB

chapter |19 pages

M Theory (The Theory Formerly Known as Strings)

ByM. J. Duff
Size: 1.30 MB

chapter |17 pages

M theory as a matrix model: A conjecture

ByT. Banks, W. Fischler, S. H. Shenker, L. Susskind
Size: 1.70 MB

chapter |40 pages

Solutions of four-dimensional field theories via M-theory

ByEdward Witten
Size: 2.51 MB