Discussing the interpretation of tissue concentrations of contaminants in wildlife, this updated edition of a bestseller draws on current scientific research and includes new chapters and greater emphasis on aquatic organisms. Each chapter provides a summary and review of a specific chemical along with direction on research methods and the interpretation of conflicting or insufficient data. Chapters include a comprehensive history of contaminant interpretation in wildlife and fish, the use of tissue residues in ecological risk assessment, and detailed coverage of all bioaccumulative contaminants and their physiologic affects.

chapter |8 pages


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chapter 4|24 pages

Methylmercury in Freshwater Fish

Recent Advances in Assessing Toxicity of Environmentally Relevant Exposures
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chapter 9|28 pages

Organic Contaminants in Marine Mammals

Concepts in Exposure, Toxicity, and Management
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chapter 12|22 pages

DDT, DDD, and DDE in Birds

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chapter 16|32 pages

Lead in Birds

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chapter 17|14 pages

Lead in Mammals

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chapter 19|18 pages

Cadmium in Small Mammals

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chapter 20|24 pages

Cadmium in Birds

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chapter 21|34 pages

Selenium in Birds

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chapter 22|30 pages

Radionuclides in Biota

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