Discussing the interpretation of tissue concentrations of contaminants in wildlife, this updated edition of a bestseller draws on current scientific research and includes new chapters and greater emphasis on aquatic organisms. Each chapter provides a summary and review of a specific chemical along with direction on research methods and the interpretation of conflicting or insufficient data. Chapters include a comprehensive history of contaminant interpretation in wildlife and fish, the use of tissue residues in ecological risk assessment, and detailed coverage of all bioaccumulative contaminants and their physiologic affects.

chapter |8 pages


ByW. Nelson Beyer, James P. Meador
Size: 7.51 MB

chapter 1|38 pages

History of Wildlife Toxicology and the Interpretation of Contaminant Concentrations in Tissues

ByBarnett A. Rattner, Anton M. Scheuhammer, John E. Elliott
Size: 2.97 MB

chapter 2|56 pages

DDT and Other Organohalogen Pesticides in Aquatic Organisms

ByNancy Beckvar, Guilherme R. Lotufo
Size: 5.68 MB

chapter 3|66 pages

Dioxins, PCBs, and PBDEs in Aquatic Organisms

ByRichard J. Wenning, Linda Martello, Anne Prusak-Daniel
Size: 7.23 MB

chapter 4|24 pages

Methylmercury in Freshwater Fish

Recent Advances in Assessing Toxicity of Environmentally Relevant Exposures
ByMark B. Sandheinrich, James G. Wiener
Size: 7.85 MB

chapter 5|38 pages

Selenium Accumulation and Toxicity in Freshwater Fishes

ByDavid K. DeForest, William J. Adams
Size: 2.01 MB

chapter 6|24 pages

Trace Metals in Aquatic Invertebrates

ByPhilip S. Rainbow, Samuel N. Luoma
Size: 7.17 MB
Size: 6.93 MB

chapter 8|62 pages

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Aquatic Organisms

ByChristian G. Daughton, Bryan W. Brooks
Size: 4.37 MB

chapter 9|28 pages

Organic Contaminants in Marine Mammals

Concepts in Exposure, Toxicity, and Management
ByLisa L. Loseto, Peter S. Ross
Size: 8.86 MB

chapter 10|32 pages

Select Elements and Potential Adverse Effects in Cetaceans and

ByTodd O’Hara, Takashi Kunito, Victoria Woshner, Shinsuke Tanabe
Size: 1.92 MB

chapter 11|16 pages

Toxicological Significance of Pesticide Residues in Aquatic Animals

ByMichael J. Lydy, Jason B. Belden, Jing You, Amanda D. Harwood
Size: 9.82 MB

chapter 12|22 pages

DDT, DDD, and DDE in Birds

ByLawrence J. Blus
Size: 5.08 MB

chapter 13|30 pages

Cyclodiene and Other Organochlorine Pesticides in Birds

ByJohn E. Elliott, Christine A. Bishop
Size: 8.97 MB
Size: 7.94 MB

chapter 15|32 pages

Toxicological Implications of PCBs, PCDDs, and PCDFs in Mammals

ByMatthew Zwiernik, Frouke Vermeulen, Steven Bursian
Size: 8.50 MB

chapter 16|32 pages

Lead in Birds

ByJ. Christian Franson, Deborah J. Pain
Size: 9.78 MB

chapter 17|14 pages

Lead in Mammals

ByWei-Chun Ma
Size: 11.39 MB

chapter 18|18 pages

Mercury in Nonmarine Birds and Mammals

ByRichard F. Shore, M. Glória Pereira, Lee A. Walker, David R. Thompson
Size: 5.41 MB

chapter 19|18 pages

Cadmium in Small Mammals

ByJohn A. Cooke
Size: 8.48 MB

chapter 20|24 pages

Cadmium in Birds

ByMark Wayland, Anton M. Scheuhammer
Size: 6.82 MB

chapter 21|34 pages

Selenium in Birds

ByHarry M. Ohlendorf, Gary H. Heinz
Size: 5.31 MB

chapter 22|30 pages

Radionuclides in Biota

ByBradley E. Sample, Cameron Irvine
Size: 0.29 MB