Managing vagueness/fuzziness is starting to play an important role in Semantic Web research, with a large number of research efforts underway. Foundations of Fuzzy Logic and Semantic Web Languages provides a rigorous and succinct account of the mathematical methods and tools used for representing and reasoning with fuzzy information within Semantic

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part I|2 pages

Semantic Web Languages Basics

chapter 2|6 pages


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chapter Chapter 4|31 pages

Web Ontology Language OWL

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chapter Chapter 5|14 pages

Rule Languages

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part II|2 pages

Fuzzy Logics and Semantic Web Languages

chapter 7|2 pages


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chapter Chapter 9|10 pages

Fuzzy RDF & RDFS

Edited ByG. Q. Zhang
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chapter chapter 10|64 pages

Fuzzy OWL

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chapter Chapter 11|30 pages

Fuzzy Rule Languages

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part III|2 pages

Part III