Edited by experts at the leading edge of the development of causal assessment methods for more than two decades, Ecological Causal Assessment gives insight and expert guidance on how to identify cause-effect relationships in environmental systems. The book discusses the importance of asking the fundamental question "Why did this effect happen?" bef

part 1|76 pages

Introduction and Philosophical Foundation

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chapter 2|15 pages

What Is a Cause?

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part 2|12 pages

Conducting Causal Assessments

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part 2A|33 pages

Formulating the Problem

chapter 7|10 pages

Defining the Case

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part 2B|126 pages

Deriving Evidence

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chapter 18|6 pages

Simulation Models

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part 2C|56 pages

Forming Conclusions and Using the Findings

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chapter 20|12 pages

Communicating the Findings

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part 3|130 pages

Case Studies