Athletes and nonathletes frequently consume too little water or fluids, affecting exercise performance as well as overall health. This book comprehensively reviews the aspects relating to body fluid balance, rehydration, and physical exercise. It provides background on body water balance and turnover, topics related to electrolyte balance, and sweating as the basis for thermoregulatory and fluid homeostasis during exercise. In addition, chapters cover body water balance evaluation and regulation; cardiovascular and metabolic responses to fluid imbalance; effects of dehydration on aerobic power, muscle strength, and cognitive function; fluid intake timing; and optimal beverage selection.

part Section I|58 pages

The Fundamentals

chapter 1|20 pages

Body Water

Balance, Turnover, Regulation, and Evaluation
ByCraig Horswill, Jeremy Fransen
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chapter 2|9 pages

Sodium Balance during Exercise and Hyponatremia

ByStavros A. Kavouras
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chapter 3|26 pages

Human Perspiration and Cutaneous Circulation

ByManabu Shibasaki, Scott L. Davis
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part Section II|140 pages

Effects of Fluid Imbalance on Body Functions and Performance

chapter 4|21 pages

Cardiovascular Responses to Body Fluid Imbalance

ByRicardo Mora-Rodriguez, Juan F. Ortega
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chapter 7|23 pages

Role of Fluid Intake in Endurance Sports

ByLouise M. Burke
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chapter 8|21 pages

Effect of Dehydration on Muscle Strength, Power, and Performance in Intermittent High-Intensity Sports

ByBrent C. Creighton, J. Luke Pryor, Daniel A. Judelson, Douglas J. Casa
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part Section III|164 pages

Special Populations

chapter 10|39 pages

Dehydration and the Young Athlete

Effects on Health and Performance
ByAnita M. Rivera-Brown
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chapter 11|23 pages

Water Balance and Master Athletes

ByZbigniew Szygula
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chapter 12|25 pages

Athletes with Chronic Conditions

ByJane E. Yardley, Michael C. Riddell
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chapter 13|10 pages

Athletes with Chronic Conditions

ByFlavia Meyer, Paulo L. Sehl, Emily Haymes
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chapter 14|13 pages

Athletes with Chronic Conditions Hypertension

ByFrançois Carré
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chapter 15|18 pages

Athletes with Chronic Renal Diseases

ByDilip R. Patel, Vimal M.S. Raj
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chapter 16|23 pages

Practical Considerations for Fluid Replacement for Athletes with a Spinal Cord Injury

ByVictoria Goosey-Tolfrey, Thomas Paulson, Terri Graham-Paulson
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chapter 17|6 pages

Athletes with Chronic Conditions

Sickle Cell Trait
ByPhilippe Connes
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part Section IV|63 pages


chapter 18|11 pages

Water Replacement before, during, and after Exercise

How Much Is Enough?
ByRonald J. Maughan, Susan M. Shirreffs
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chapter 19|20 pages

Plain Water or Carbohydrate–Electrolyte Beverages

ByLindsay B. Baker, Kelly A. Barnes, John R. Stofan
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chapter 20|29 pages

Need of Other Elements

ByLuis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
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