This book provides a timely analysis of the role that information-particularly scientific information-plays in the policy-making and decision-making processes in coastal and ocean management. It includes contributions from global experts in marine environmental science, marine policy, fisheries, public policy and administration, resource management

chapter 1|16 pages


ByBertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai, Elizabeth M. De Santo, Peter G. Wells
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chapter 2|28 pages

Understanding the Science–Policy Interface in Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management

ByBertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai, Elizabeth M. De Santo, Peter G. Wells
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chapter 3|28 pages

Exploring the Role of Science in Coastal and Ocean Management: A Review

ByBrian Coffey and Kevin O’Toole
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chapter 4|28 pages

Science Information and Global Ocean Governance

ByJake Rice
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chapter 6|28 pages

Governing the Marine Environment through Information: Fisheries, Shipping, and Tourism

ByHilde M. Toonen, Arthur P. J. Mol
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chapter 9|28 pages

Designing Usable Environmental Research

ByElizabeth C. McNie, Angela Bednarek, Ryan Meyer, Adam Parris
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chapter 10|22 pages

The Balancing Act of Science in Public Policy

ByPeter Gluckman, Kristiann Allen
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chapter 11|30 pages

Measuring Awareness, Use, and Influence of Information: Where Theory Meets Practice

BySuzuette S. Soomai, Peter G. Wells, Bertrum H. MacDonald, Elizabeth M. De Santo, Anatoliy Gruzd
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chapter 13|22 pages

The Environmental Effects of Ocean Shipping and the Science–Policy Interface

ByElizabeth R. DeSombre
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chapter 14|26 pages

Just Evidence: Opening Health Knowledge to a Parliament of Evidence

ByJanice E. Graham, Mavis Jones
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chapter 17|30 pages

Bridging the Science–Policy Divide to Promote Fisheries Knowledge for All: The Case of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

ByLahsen Ababouch, Marc Taconet, Julian Plummer, Luca Garibaldi, Stefania Vannuccini
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chapter 18|28 pages

Informing and Improving Fisheries Management Outcomes: An Atlantic Canadian Large Pelagics Case Study by the Ecology Action Centre

BySusanna D. Fuller, Kathryn E. Schleit, Heather J. Grant, and Shannon Arnold
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chapter 19|20 pages

Does Information Matter in ICOM? Critical Issues and the Path Forward

ByElizabeth M. De Santo, Suzuette S. Soomai, Peter G. Wells, Bertrum H. MacDonald
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