Building on the work carried out in the 2004 Routledge book, Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Europe, an international team of contributors now turn their attention to the new EU member states. The book compares conditions in the new and potential EU Member states to those in the long-standing EU countries.  Topics covered include:

* A Comparative View of Taxation in the EU and in New Members 
* Tax Policy in EU New Members
* Tax Policy in New Members under the Stability Pact 
* Tax Administration and the Black Economy.

As well as investigating countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia and the Baltics, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia, this outstanding book contains a foreword by Vito Tanzi and will be a valuable resource for postgraduates and professionals in the fields of economics, politics, finance and European studies.

part Part I|99 pages

A general picture of tax systems and tax reforms in New EU Members

chapter 1|23 pages

An overview of taxation

ByLuca Gandullia
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chapter 2|21 pages

Main tax policy issues

ByLuigi Bernardi, Mark Chandler
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chapter 3|9 pages

The political economy of taxation and tax reforms

ByPaola Profeta
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chapter 4|17 pages

Fiscal policy in the accession countries

ByFedele de Novellis, Salvatore Parlato
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chapter 5|13 pages

Tax administration and the shadow economy

ByViktor Trasberg
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chapter 6|15 pages

Competition for FDI and the role of taxation

ByJeffrey Owens
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part Part II|94 pages

Country studies of tax systems and tax reforms in New EU Members

chapter 7|23 pages

The Czech Republic

BySimone Pellegrino
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chapter 8|15 pages

Estonia and the other Baltic states

ByEvelin Ahermaa, Luigi Bernardi
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chapter 9|16 pages


ByFrancesca Sala
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chapter 10|24 pages


ByLucia Vergano, Francesca Zantomio
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chapter 11|15 pages


ByMatteo Maria Galizzi, Simona Scabrosetti
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