This topical book transforms the analysis of housing problems into a lively, interesting and contentious subject of social scientific study, addressing themes of residential experience, inclusion/empowerment, sustainability and professionalism/managerialism, which lie at the heart of the housing and social policy debate. Each chapter considers a specific social category - such as class, gender, or disability - and evaluates the experience and understanding of housing and social policy under this category.

With innovative approaches to conceptualising housing and a clear, defined structure, Housing and Social Policy encourages students and practitioners in both arenas to think reflexively about housing as a central instrument of social policy and social experience.

chapter 1|13 pages


ByNigel Sprigings, Peter Somerville
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chapter 2|29 pages

What has the state ever done for us?

ByBill Spink
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chapter 3|26 pages

Housing policy and social justice

ByNigel Sprigings
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chapter 4|34 pages

Places, ‘folk devils’ and social policy

ByCharlie Cooper
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chapter 5|21 pages

Housing, class and social policy

ByPeter Somerville
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chapter 6|19 pages

Ethnicity, ‘race’ and policy issues

ByMalcolm Harrison
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chapter 7|29 pages

Housing, gender and social policy

ByJoan Smith
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chapter 8|25 pages

Disability and inclusive housing design

ByJo Milner
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chapter 9|20 pages

Squatting since 1945

ByKesia Reeve
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chapter 10|25 pages

Housing and urban regeneration policy

ByJohn Pierson, Claire Worley
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chapter 11|13 pages

Housing and social policy futures

ByPeter Somerville, Nigel Sprigings
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