Under pressure and support from the federal government, states have increasingly turned to indicators based on student test scores to evaluate teachers and schools, as well as students themselves. The focus thus far has been on test scores in those subject areas where there is a sequence of consecutive tests, such as in mathematics or English/language arts with a focus on grades 4-8. Teachers in these subject areas, however, constitute less than thirty percent of the teacher workforce in a district. Comparatively little has been written about the measurement of achievement in the other grades and subjects.

This volume seeks to remedy this imbalance by focusing on the assessment of student achievement in a broad range of grade levels and subject areas, with particular attention to their use in the evaluation of teachers and schools in all. It addresses traditional end-of-course tests, as well as alternative measures such as portfolios, exhibitions, and student learning objectives. In each case, issues related to design and development, psychometric considerations, and validity challenges are covered from both a generic and a content-specific perspective.

The NCME Applications of Educational Measurement and Assessment series includes edited volumes designed to inform research-based applications of educational measurement and assessment. Edited by leading experts, these books are comprehensive and practical resources on the latest developments in the field.

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chapter 1|7 pages

The Challenges to Measurement in an Era of Accountability

Introduction and Overview
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part 9I|171 pages

chapter 6|19 pages

Validity and Accountability

Test Validation for 21st-Century Educational Assessments
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chapter 7|12 pages


Can Campbell's Law Be Mitigated?
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part 181II|230 pages

chapter 8|34 pages

Arts Assessment in an Age of Accountability

Challenges and Opportunities in Implementation, Design, and Measurement
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