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chapter 1|11 pages

Population change on the eve of the twenty-first century

ByRay Hall & Paul White
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chapter 2|13 pages

Changes in the fertility rate and age structure of the population of Europe

ByMaria Carmen Faus-Pujol
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chapter 3|12 pages

Households, families and fertility

ByRay Hall
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chapter 4|14 pages

The labour market aspects of population change in the 1990s

ByAnne E.Green & David Owen
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chapter 5|11 pages

Spatial inequalities of mortality in the European Union

ByDaniel Noin
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chapter 6|12 pages

The effects of the HIV epidemic on the population of Europe

ByMarkku Löytönen
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chapter 8|9 pages

The future of skill exchanges within the European Union

ByAllan M. Findlay
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chapter 9|15 pages

East-west movement: old barriers, new barriers?

ByPaul White & Deborah Sporton
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chapter 10|21 pages

Future migration into southern Europe

ByMaura Misiti, Calogero Muscarà, Pablo Pumares, Vicente Rodriguez, Paul White
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