There are competing theories to explain the reasons behind the international competitiveness of manufacturing in Asia. Analysing these different theories will bring important lessons, not just for Asia, but for developing economies the world over.
This lucid book studies industries and firms in East Asia and examines the major determinants of their economic performance. With contributions from such leading thinkers as Ha-Joon Chang and Rajah Rasiah, the book covers such themes as:
*industrial policy and East Asia
*Taiwan's information technology industry
*The role of the government in technological capability building
Manufacturing Competitiveness in Asia touches on many important themes and issues and as such will be of great interest to students, academics and policy-makers involved in industrial economics, international trade and Asian studies.

chapter |17 pages


ByK.S. Jomo, Ken Togo
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chapter |23 pages

Industrial policy and East Asia

The miracle, the crisis and the future
ByHa-Joon Chang
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chapter |34 pages

Behind POSCO'S success

The role of government in technology capability building
ByPark Eul Yong
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chapter |31 pages

Taiwan's information technology industry

ByWu Rong-I, Tseng Ming-Shen
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chapter |67 pages

Industrial policy and the emergence of internationally competitive manufacturing firms in Malaysia

ByK.S. Jomo, Rajah Rasiah, Rokiah Alavi, Jaya Gopal
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chapter |38 pages

Economic policy and selective industrial development in Thailand

The Thai gems and jewellery industry and the Siam Cement Group
ByPatcharee Siroros, Wilaiwan Wannitikul, Medhi Krongkaew
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